Are the Great Lakes gaining or losing water?

Are the Great Lakes gaining or losing water?

The Great Lakes share a surprising connection with Wisconsin’s small lakes and aquifers — their water levels all rise and fall on a 13-year cycle, according to a new study.

What is happening to water levels in the Great Lakes?

In recent years, warmer surface water temperatures in the Great Lakes have contributed to lower water levels by increasing rates of evaporation and causing lake ice to form later than usual (see the Lake Ice indicator), which extends the season for evaporation.

Are the Great Lakes at record high levels?

Lake Huron’s water levels, like the other Great Lakes, are continuing their decline from record highs set in 2019 and 2020. The lake is continuing its seasonal rise which should peak later this summer.

Why are water levels dropping in the Great Lakes?

Evaporation draws water from the lakes causing levels to decline. Evaporation is greatest when the temperature difference between the water and the air is greatest. Such conditions occur in the fall, when the air has cooled but the water still retains some of the heat gained during the summer.

Will Lake Michigan ever dry up?

Lake Michigan and Huron are forecast to continue to fall another 12 inches by January 2022. If we stay dry and the lakes fall to the lower end of the possibilities, the lakes will only be about six inches above the long-term average water level.

Why are the Great Lakes so high 2020?

Large parts of Michigan have had over 16 inches more rainfall than average in the past year. So it’s a clear and simple reason why the Great Lakes are so high- heavy precipitation over the last five to 10 years. Water is taken out of the Great Lakes through a few routes- the St.

Will Great Lakes water levels continue to rise?

The Great Lakes are in a period of the year when their water levels usually rise. But all of the Great Lakes are not rising or just barely rising. This is a continued sign that for the current time, the Great Lakes water levels are receding quickly from the record high levels over the past few years.

  • October 4, 2022