Are Kurenai and Asuma together?

Are Kurenai and Asuma together?

In the beginning of the series, Asuma and Kurenai are revealed to be lovers. Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru have spotted Asuma on dates with Kurenai and occasionally tease Asuma about their relationship. Kakashi has also teased them about their relationship. It is revealed that Kurenai and Asuma have a child.

Who is Asuma’s son?

Mirai SarutobiAsuma Sarutobi / Children

Mirai is the child of Kurenai Yūhi and Asuma Sarutobi, born in the depths of Autumn.

Who was with Shikamaru and Asuma?

Asuma was teamed up with Shikamaru, Kotetsu Hagane, and Izumo Kamizuki as members of the Twenty Platoons. His team, along with the entire group, was ordered to search for and, if possible, capture a pair of Akatsuki members who had entered the Land of Fire.

Who kills Asuma?

Asuma was killed in episode 80 on the Shippuuden anime. He was killed by Hidan, an extremely powerful, immortal Akatsuki that uses a long range, 3 pronged scythe. His technique allows him to “connect” with his opponent and whatever pain he endures, so does his opponent.

When did Kurenai get pregnant?

The truth of their relationship was made clear in Part II when Kurenai revealed that she is pregnant with Asuma’s daughter, Mirai Sarutobi.

Who is the king that Asuma was talking about?

Asuma’s label of the “King” represented the unborn children who would eventually take over and protect the Leaf. Asuma did know Kurenai was pregnant, referring to the unborn child in Kurenai’s womb as his “King.” What did Asuma tell Shikamaru? He said to protect and guide Asuma’s child as his dying wish.

Why Kurenai has red eye?

It’s just a distinctive trait in the Yūhi – and now Sarutobi – family. Kurenai inherited them from her father. Like his daughter, Shinku had very distinctive ringed, red eyes.

Did Asuma know that Kurenai was pregnant?

Asuma finds out Kurenai is pregnant and finally explains what the king is directly to Shikamaru.

  • October 7, 2022