Are Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat related?

Are Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat related?

Jack Barakat has an older sister named May and two brothers, Joe and Leeyh. He is the lead guitarist for the band All Time Low, which he and his best friend, Alex Gaskarth, founded in their first year of high school.

Who is Alex Gaskarth wife?

Lisa RuoccoAlex Gaskarth / Wife (m. 2016)

Who left All Time Low?

Cortilello and Ihle left the band, resulting in the band laying dormant until Zack Merrick joined on bass and Gaskarth picked up guitar. They released a four-song EP in November before signing to Emerald Moon Records in 2004.

How old is Alex Gaskarth?

34 years (December 14, 1987)Alex Gaskarth / Age

Where is Jack Barakat from?

LebanonJack Barakat / Place of birth

How tall is Alex Gaskarth?

6′ 0″Alex Gaskarth / Height

How long have Alex Gaskarth and Lisa been together?

12 years
The All Time Low frontman married his high school sweetheart Lisa Ruocco after they’ve been together for over 10 years. The couple are high school sweethearts and have been together for 12 years. “We’ve felt like a family for so many years. This just makes it official,” the couple said to People.

Is Jack Barakat Lebanese?

Jack is of Lebanese decent and will often be referred to as the “Lebanese Prince.” The Barakat’s raised their children in Baltimore, where Jack met his current best friends. During his high school years, Jack and his friend Marc Shilling decided to start a band.

Where did Jack Barakat go to high school?

Then as a freshman at Dulaney High, Barakat pestered Dawson (“the best drummer in our school”) in French class each day until he started to play with the guys.

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Where was Alex gaskarth born?

Essex, United KingdomAlex Gaskarth / Place of birth

How did Alex Gaskarth meet his wife?

Ten years ago, at age 16, Gaskarth met his bride-to-be, Lisa Ruocco, when All Time Low played Dulaney High School’s senior barbecue. But it was Ruocco’s best friend, Samantha, who first took Gaskarth on a date. “Over that time, Alex and I became much closer,” says Ruocco, an events planner at Union 3 Events.

Who is married in All Time Low?

All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth Marries His High School Sweetheart Lisa Ruocco – See the Stunning Photo. After 12 years together, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and his high school sweetheart Lisa Ruocco are officially husband and wife.

  • September 25, 2022