Why was Jamie from Collabro in hospital?

Why was Jamie from Collabro in hospital?

The singer suffered a broken nose and two black eyes as he was attacked with brass knuckles by a gang in central London on Wednesday. Jamie told the Sun’s Bizarre column: “I’m just recovering from the shock.

What does Collabro do now?

Despite losing a member of the group, Collabro continued as a foursome with Michael, Jamie, Matthew and Thomas going on to make three more albums. Their third album, Home, was released in 2017 after they set up their own record label, Peak Productions, followed by another UK tour.

What is Richard Hadfield doing?

Richard who originally hails from Sussex, but now lives Mitcham in South West London, found fame winning the ITV television show Britain’s Got Talent with musical theatre vocal group Collabro. He has since transitioned to a successful solo career, touring the world’s most prestigious jazz clubs.

Is Collabro still together?

Collabro was voted the UK’s favourite Britain’s Got Talent Winners in a National Poll….

Years active 2014–present
Labels Syco/Peak Productions
Members Michael Auger Jamie Lambert Matt Pagan Thomas J. Redgrave
Past members Richard Hadfield

Are Jonathan and Charlotte still friends?

‘ Despite starting his journey with best friend Charlotte, the singer admitted that they were no longer as close. Asked by Lorraine Kelly if they were still pals, he admitted: ‘We don’t really get to speak very often but that’s the nature of it.

What happened to Richard and Adam from Britains got talent?

Who are Richard & Adam dating right now? Richard is actually married. He wed his childhood sweetheart Catherine Smith back in 2017, with his brother obviously as best man. It’s believed Adam is also in a relationship with a dancer called Emma.

Has Jonathan Antoine lost any weight?

Now Jonathan, 27, is a huge star in the US after overcoming depression and having his life “saved” by Simon Cowell’s talent show. The talented singer lost four stone in weight after turning his life around – and now looks totally different.

Are Richard and Adam still singing?

Richard and Adam Johnson, performing as Richard & Adam, are Welsh classical singers, best known for finishing in third place on the seventh series of Britain’s Got Talent….

Richard & Adam
Born Holywell, Flintshire, Wales
Genres Classical, opera, popera
Years active 2012–present
Labels Sony Music

Did Simon Cowell drop Collabro?

Simon Cowell dumps Collabro as BGT stars are forced to look for new record label. BRITAIN’S Got Talent stars Collabro have been dropped by Simon Cowell’s record label Syco. The popular 2014 champs were axed despite their two previous albums being big hits – peaking at No. 1 and No.

What are Richard and Adam doing today?

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