Who is the C-Card for?

Who is the C-Card for?

young people between 13-24 years old
C-Card scheme. The c-card scheme is aimed at young people between 13-24 years old who can register to get a range of free condoms, femidoms, lube, dams, information and advice. health and help young people to access local services.

Where does my C-card work?

You can take your C-Card to any place where you see the C-Card logo and get your condoms without any questions asked.

What does C-card stand for?

condom card
What is a c-card? The C-Card (condom card) is a small card which will fit into your pocket, wallet or purse. Having a card means that you can get free condoms at various which are part of the scheme. Both young men and women can get a c-card but you must be under 25 years old.

How do I get free condoms in Nottingham?

You can register for a C-Card through Nottingham Integrated Sexual Health Services by booking an appointment on 0115 9627627 or by calling in to The Health Shop on Broad Street. You can also pick up free condoms from pharmacies across the city.

What is C card in UK?

London C-Card is a confidential service providing free condoms alongside sexual health information to young people in Bromley, as part of the Sexual Health Bromley service. The service is for young people aged 14-24. The C-Card scheme is available in Bromley as well as 23 other London boroughs.

How old do you have to be for a C Card?

13 to 24 years old
A Condom Card or C-card is a plastic key fob that you can attach to your key ring. You will need to be aged 13 to 24 years old to have a C-card and to receive FREE condoms.

Can you buy condoms at 13 in the UK?

You can get condoms and other contraceptives without an adult from lots of places, even if you’re under 16. While it’s against the law to have sex under 16 it’s important to remember that this should never stop you getting contraception and advice about safe sex.

What are trim condoms?

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Can I get free condoms by post?

Condoms are available free from sexual health clinics, by post or with a C-card from pharmacies and other venues. Sexual Health Advisors can help if you’re having problems using condoms.

How often can you use the C Card?

Every 6-12 months
You can take this card to lots of sites around the city and access free condoms. Take a look at the map below to find your nearest point. Every 6-12 months (depending on your age) you’ll be asked to have a quick one-one with a worker to check you’re still in a safe situation and have everything you need.

Are condoms free in the UK?

You can get condoms for free, even if you’re under 16, from: contraception clinics. sexual health or GUM (genitourinary medicine) clinics. some GP surgeries.

What are ribs dots?

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How can I get free condoms from post?

Condoms by Post you can order free condoms direct to your door via your Personal Health Record. This is a private and confidential service and condoms are dispatched in a plain postmarked envelope within 10 working days from us receiving your order.

Can 13 year olds buy condoms?

You can buy condoms at any age. Condoms are available in drugstores, Planned Parenthood health centers, other community health centers, some supermarkets, and from vending machines.

  • October 16, 2022