Who is better Lampard or Gerrard?

Who is better Lampard or Gerrard?

On stats alone, Lampard may look like he has the upper hand with 274 club goals compared to Gerrard’s 190. He also won three Premier League titles with Chelsea, a competition that eluded the Liverpool legend throughout his career.

Who scored more goals Lampard Gerrard or Scholes?

Manchester United legend Scholes scored 107 goals and provided 55 assists, meaning 162 Premier League goal involvements in total. Liverpool hero Gerrard scored 120 goals and registered 92 assists – a total of 212 goal involvements.

Who is better Gerrard or Scholes?

When SPORTbible put out a poll to see who the fans thought was the better player, in 2019, Scholes came out on top. Out of the 28,000 people that voted, 38% reckon that United Scholes was the main man, with Gerrard coming in second with 36%. Owen played with all three throughout his career.

Why was the Gerrard slip so important?

The seminal moment for Gerrard’s career and the title race came as the half was ending. In injury time Gerrard miscontrolled a pass by Mamadou Sakho and slipped trying to rectify the mistake. It allowed Demba Ba to latch onto the ball, running through unopposed to open the scoring.

How many trophies has Gerrard won?

nine trophies
Born in Merseyside, Gerrard played for Liverpool from 1998 to 2015, winning nine trophies, including the UEFA Champions League, two FA Cups, and three League Cups.

Who is the best midfielder between Lampard and Gerrard?

Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard has been voted the best midfielder in Premier League history ahead of Chelsea hero Frank Lampard and Manchester United legend Paul Scholes.

Which midfielder has the most assists in the Premier League?

legend Ryan Giggs
As a player who has 632 Premier League appearances under his belt, it’s probably unsurprising that Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs tops the list of leading Premier League assisters. The Welshman provided 162 assists over his Premier League career, which is 51 more than the next best player: Cesc Fàbregas.

Did Gerrard slip cost Liverpool?

Premier League iconic moments: Steven Gerrard slip costs Liverpool the title On This Day April 27 2014. We look back at Steven Gerrard’s infamous Anfield slip that cost Liverpool the Premier League title during their enthralling 2013/14 campaign.

What minute did Gerrard slip in?

In the same fixture seven months later, a horse by the name of Gerrard’s Slip ran in the 12.40 at Doncaster. In one of his final games for Liverpool, at Stamford Bridge in May 2015, Chelsea fans did applaud Gerrard as he left the pitch, but the midfielder’s message was clear.

Who is the best defender in football history?

AC Milan and Italy icon Paolo Maldini has been named as the greatest defender in football history in a new fan poll. Maldini played for the Serie A giants for over 25 years and won the lot at club level, including seven Serie A titles and five Champions Leagues.

Has Steven Gerrard ever won a league?

Despite success in cup competitions, he never won the Premier League. Gerrard won 114 England caps between 2000 and 2014, captaining the team 38 times and scoring 21 goals.

How many trophies has Lampard won?

He won three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, two League Cups and both the UEFA Champions League and Europa League with Chelsea, while he was named the Premier League Player of the Season in 2004/05.

Who is the greatest English midfielder?

1) Paul Scholes Arguably the best midfielder England has ever produced, Paul Scholes pulled the strings for Alex Ferguson’s Reds from 1993 to 2003, winning 11 Premier League titles on the way. Able to play any pass and with a rocket for a shot, the diminutive Scholes’ admirers come from all over the footballing world.

Who is the greatest midfielder in the history of the Premier League?

1. Paul Scholes. Arguably the greatest midfielder in the history of the Premier League. The Englishman was at the heart of Manchester United’s most illustrious period.

What’s the difference between Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard?

As players of such similar style and stature in the game, leaving the Premier League for the MLS only furthered the Lampard-Gerrard debate. Gerrard joined LA Galaxy for the 2015-16 season, while Lampard chose New York City. Over the course of two campaigns in the MLS, Gerrard made 36 appearances to Lampard’s 31.

How does Lampard’s assist record compare to Gerrard and Scholes’ best?

It’s a very, very convincing win for Lampard who racked up 18 assists during Chelsea’s 2004-05 title-winning season, whereas Gerrard’s best came in 2013/14 with 13 assists and Scholes peaked with seven in 1998/99.

Who is more successful-Lampard or Gerrard?

Gerrard was the more successful of the two when playing on his own, England winning 61% of 41 games, compared with 48.5% of the 33 matches with just Lampard involved.

Where does Steven Gerrard rank among Premier League’s best Ballon d’Or winners?

Well, here’s a look at the trio of Premier League legends through their career Ballon d’Or votes, and it paints a fascinating story. Gerrard ranks above both Lampard and Scholes. What’s more, it’s not really that close.

  • September 20, 2022