Who has appeared in the most Walking Dead episodes?

Who has appeared in the most Walking Dead episodes?

Ranked: The Longest Surviving Characters On The Walking Dead

  1. 1 Daryl Dixon (166+ episodes)
  2. 2 Carol Peletier (166+ episodes)
  3. 3 Maggie Greene (162+ episodes)
  4. 4 Judith Grimes (142+ episodes)
  5. 5 Michonne (126 episodes)
  6. 6 TIE: Eugene Porter And Rosita Espinosa (125+ episodes)
  7. 7 Rick Grimes (120 episodes)

Who appears most in walking dead?

These are the 21 Characters Who’ve Appeared In The Most Episodes of The Walking Dead….The Walking Dead: Who Has Appeared In The Most Episodes

  • 4 Carol Peletier (62 Episodes)
  • 3 Carl Grimes (65 Episodes)
  • 2 Daryl Dixon (67 Episodes)
  • 1 Rick Grimes (74 Episodes)

Does Woodbury get overrun?

Woodbury is burnt down by the governor, and overrun by walkers.

Did Milton set the walkers on fire?

After Andrea says that he “can’t look the other way”, Milton decides to burn the walkers in the pit that the Governor was planning to use on Rick’s group at the meeting.

How old is Enid The Walking Dead?

Enid Was 23 Enid first appeared before the time jump, so because of this, by the time of her death in season 9, episode 15, she had already reached her 20s. Doing some math, fans can deduce she was 23, to be exact.

Why did the Governor burn down Woodbury?

Why does the Governor burn down Woodbury? There’s a sense of destruction about it that that was the place he built. His hopes and dreams of another future were placed in that community; that was where the new world was going to be formed.

How many Walking Dead shorts are there?

Originally released on TV in 16 one minute segments during all 16 episodes of The Walking Dead Season 8, it was also released online compiled into 6 webisodes.

Who is the most badass in walking dead?

In the midst of the apocalypse, I would trust any one of them with my life. But the biggest badass on TWD has got to be our main man, Rick Grimes.

Are Enid and Carl the same age?

Enid Was 23 But when Enid first met the group, a scared and orphaned teen, she was just 16 years old. That would make her the same age as, or potentially a year older, than Carl, with whom she grew close.

  • August 7, 2022