Which is the largest School in Saudi Arabia?

Which is the largest School in Saudi Arabia?

International Indian School Dammam (IISD) (formerly Indian Embassy School Dammam) is an English-medium K-12 Indian school in Saudi Arabia led by Mahenaz Fareed. It is the largest school in the MENA region by number of students….International Indian School, Dammam.

International Indian School Dammam
Website www.iisdammam.edu.sa

Who is the principal of International Indian School Dammam?

School Profile

Name of the school Address INTERNATIONAL INDIAN SCHOOL,DAMMAM Post Box No. 3320 AL Khobar-31952, Saudi Arabia. KSA
Principal(Interim) Mrs. Mahenaz Farid
E-mail iisdammam@hotmail.com, principal@iisdammam.edu.sa
Phone no:
Boys Section 8142801 (4 LINES)

When did International Indian School start?

IISJ formerly known as the Embassy of India School was founded on 30th November 1987.

How do I pay Iisd online?

To pay fee online

  1. Click on Proceed to parent login.
  2. Login using your Username and Password.
  3. Select Fee Details.
  4. Click on Pay Now.

Where is the biggest school in the world?

Bharti Gandhi and Dr. Jagdish Gandhi. It is mentioned as world’s largest school by Guinness Book of World Records which reported 55,547 students as of 2019. There are 18 campuses of CMS in Lucknow, five of which offer education up to 8th grade, and it has no branches outside the city.

Is Saudi Arabia safe for Indian students?

Saudi Arabia is very safe of everyone irrespective of religion etc etc. Its only place where all religions are respected.

Can an Indian study in Saudi Arabia?

Presently, there are no students associations here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The students are advised to register with the Embassy of India, Riyadh by filling the Registration Form on our website. Ascertain the bonafides of the Educational Institutes and the Certificates or Diplomas offered by them.

What do Indian students study in Saudi Arabia?

Here are some of the popular courses to study in Saudi Arabia for Indian students and other international students: Study Engineering in Saudi Arabia. Study Agriculture in Saudi Arabia. Study Medicine in Saudi Arabia.

Which is the world’s smallest school?

The school in Alpette, Turin, is believed to be the smallest in the world, and is only attended by eight-year-old Sofia Viola, who is in year four. Sofia is taught all her subjects by her 33-year-old teacher, Isabella Carvelli, who is, naturally, the only teacher at the school.

Is Saudi Arabia good for Hindu?

Is Saudi Arabia Safe for Hindus? Saudi Arabia’s strict adherence to the Shariah law necessitates the provision of safe environments not only for Muslims but to people following any other religion than Islam. Unlike the common misconception, Saudi Arabia is an extremely safe country to travel to and work in for Hindus.

  • August 14, 2022