Where was Hallmark movie A Perfect Match filmed?

Where was Hallmark movie A Perfect Match filmed?

Los Angeles
Principal photography on The Perfect Match began around late June 2015 in Los Angeles.

Is perfect match on Netflix?

Watch The Perfect Match | Netflix.

What happens in the perfect match?

In The Perfect Match, Charlie (Terrence J) uses his unmatched charm and looks to sleep with the most attractive women in L.A. Worried that Charlie will never open himself up to a loving relationship, his friends Rick (Donald Faison) and Victor (Robert Christopher Riley) challenge him to date only one woman for the …

Where can u watch the perfect match?

What happens at the end of The Perfect Match?

In the second half, Charlie discovers Eva has a secret. This shatters his world. Meanwhile, Charlie’s boss wants him to do something Charlie considers unethical. THE PERFECT MATCH eventually concludes true love is better than meaningless sexual relationships and working at a job you hate.

How does Tilly know what SAI enjoys waking up to?

Tilly is an ever-present voice in Sai’s ear coming from his phone’s earpiece, a sort of technological Jiminy Cricket finding exactly what Sai wants even before he knows he wants it, always coming up with the perfect solution to any issue that might arise during the day.

Is The Perfect Match worth watching?

This is not a bad movie, but almost a little too generic to be good. There are a few twists in this to make it a little different, but really 10 minutes into the movie you can predict what is going to happen and you will be about 90% correct.

Who plays Eva in The Perfect Match?

Cassie Ventura
They shake on it, and two seconds later Charlie has a juice-bar meet-cute with Eva (Cassie Ventura). Eva has only been in long-term relationships, but says she wants to try something fun and no-strings.

Can a 15 year old watch TV Ma?

TV-MA. This program is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17.

Is TV mature worse than R?

TV MA is essentially the equivalent of an R rated movie, although TV MA can be “worse” than R in some cases. Examples of TV MA shows include Game of Thrones and Ted Lasso.

Is the perfect match on prime video?

Watch The Perfect Match | Prime Video.

Is Damien a robot in perfect match?

At the end of Book 1, it is implied that he is an android when he is unable to describe art. However, it is actually confirmed in Book 2, Chapter 1, that he was switched out during the fight with Eros and replaced with an identical-looking Match.

What is Tilly in The Perfect Match?

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