Where is the best Merriam turkey hunting in Nebraska?

Where is the best Merriam turkey hunting in Nebraska?

Head west to the Pine Ridge complex, where you can hunt Merriam’s in the Nebraska National Forest and numerous Wildlife Management Areas. Elsewhere in Nebraska, look to the river bottoms. Those waterways and the associated “breaks” habitat, where forest and prairie intertwine, are where the turkeys live.

Where are Merriam turkeys located in Nebraska?

About wild turkey in Nebraska Turkeys in the panhandle and Niobrara River valley are most consistent in showing plumage characteristics of the Merriam’s subspecies. The wild turkey is the largest upland game bird in North America.

Does Nebraska have Merriam turkeys?

Nebraska is home to three subspecies of wild turkeys – the Merriam’s, which is the most common, the eastem, and a hybrid of the two. Most nesting by wild turkeys in Nebraska occurs between April I 5 and July I.

Are there Rio turkeys in Nebraska?

Some biologists believe that the Rio Grande subspecies may have also been native to Nebraska, particularly the central and western parts of the state. There is evidence that the Rio Grande subspecies had a range that extended north into the south-central plains, at least as far north as Kansas.

Are there Rio Grande turkeys in Nebraska?

The species of turkey in much of Nebraska are mixes – or hybrids – of the Rio Grande and Merriam species. This is unique to regions of Nebraska alone, as a very small area in the United States inhabits these hybrids.

Are there Merriam turkeys in Kansas?

We have thousands of acres of private land that has an abundance of turkey. We primarily have Rio-Grande species with some Merriam/Rio Hybrid turkeys.

How much is a turkey tag in Nebraska?

Permit Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
2022 Spring Turkey $30.00 $128.00
2022 Youth Spring Turkey $8.00 $8.00
2022 Landowner-LO- Spring Turkey $16.50 $65.50

What states can you hunt the Merriam turkey?

They are: New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Nevada; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

How many turkey tags can you buy in Nebraska?

A person may have up to three spring turkey permits. No qualifying person may have more than one landowner permit in the spring. Permits must be signed by the permit holder and may not be transferred, loaned, copied or duplicated.

  • August 23, 2022