Where can I watch word of honor special eng sub?

Where can I watch word of honor special eng sub?

Currently you are able to watch “Word of Honor” streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten Viki or for free with ads on Rakuten Viki.

Does Viki have word of honor?

Zhou Zi Shu gets embroiled in a conspiracy in the martial arts world after quitting his job as the leader of an organization tasked with protecting royalty. He meets Wen Ke Xing, a mysterious martial artist who escapes from the Ghost Valley to avenge his parents’ deaths.

Where can I watch word 37 of Honor?

Word of Honor – Episode 37 | Rakuten Viki.

Is word of honor a BL drama?

Word of Honor (山河令) is a BL/Dānměi Chinese historical fantasy series that was based on the webnovel Faraway Wanderers (天涯客) by Priest, who has had other webnovels adapted into series, too.

Is there a 37th episode of word of honor?

Word of Honor Special Episode (Episode 37) – Bilibili.

Will word of honor be on Netflix?

“Word of Honor” Is Now Available On Netflix.

Where can I watch Word of Honor Chinese drama?

Watch Word of Honor | Netflix.

Where can I watch True Beauty Other than Viki for free?


  • Netflix.
  • Hulu.

Which is better untamed or Word of Honor?

The Untamed romance is way hotter. Not just because the actors themselves are god tier creatures of perfection. I’d say that the reason I like WoH better story-wise is exactly what makes TU a more successful romance story: if you take away the romance between L&W there isn’t much left to TU.

Is there a word of honor Season 2?

Word of Honour Season 2: Release date Therefore, we expect Season 2 to release in early/mid-2022. Season 1 began production in July 2020 and was released in March 2021.

Is word of honor happy ending?

It’s pretty clear Xiao Chu wrote the script with the intention of a happy ending; there are a lot of hints buried that her official ending was a happy one. But when the script was filmed, the production team prepared an open-ish ending and a sad ending as well for the NRTA.

Is there Word of Honor Season 2?

Will Word of Honor be on Netflix?

Is there Season 2 of True Beauty?

True Beauty (season 2) is the second season of the reality television series True Beauty.

What does Lao Wen mean?

A-Xu calling WKX “Lao Wen” is actually really endearing (husband!), and not at all that he’s saying WKX is old. I mean, in the official drama, it means they’re great buds, BFFs! But to fans, it’s A-Xu’s nickname for his husband! A full list of couple names and personal nicknames for #wenzhou behind the cut.

Is Word of Honor happy ending?

  • August 31, 2022