What was the biggest buck killed in Ohio?

What was the biggest buck killed in Ohio?

Jason Kline has spent much of his life chasing whitetail deer. He’s killed his fair share of good ones, but there’s only ever been one “Herman,” which is the monster buck he focused on for the past five seasons.

What is the Ohio State record buck?

The session tallied the buck at 304-6/8, which easily makes it the largest non-typical whitetail ever taken in Ohio by a hunter. The antlers, which are mooselike in shape, are 31 inches wide and weigh more than 11 pounds. The state record for non-typical bucks scored at 246 and was set in 1986 in Clark County.

Does Ohio have big bucks?

Ohio is home to some of the biggest whitetail bucks in the world, including the #2 non-typical of all time.

What county in Ohio has the most deer?

Coshocton County leads the state in total deer harvests over the last five years, with 6,715 deer taken during the 2019-2020 season.

Where is the best hunting in Ohio?

The best hunting in Ohio is often found in Coshocton County, which is a huge hunting hub in the state. As a state leader in deer harvests each year (for over 10 years!), hunters from across the Midwest flock to Coshocton to be the first ones on the ground at the start of each season.

What is the best county to hunt in Ohio?

The top 10 counties for deer harvested during the 2020-2021 deer season include: Coshocton (6,791), Tuscarawas (6,158), Ashtabula (5,662), Licking (5,549), Knox (5,247), Muskingum (5,172), Holmes (4,833), Guernsey (4,809), Carroll (4,123), and Trumbull (4,015).

What’s the biggest deer in Ohio?

Dan Coffman Buck: 288-Inch Ohio Giant.

Does Ohio have big whitetail deer?

You’ll find record of huge whitetails being taken in every one of Ohio’s counties, but you’ll see many more of them coming from the area of the state where Appalachia begins. That means hills and those hills can be pretty damned steep. This is some rugged country and covered in hardwood timber.

Where are the most deer in Ohio?

Ohio draws hunters in from all over the country and Coshocton County is usually at the top of the list for most deer harvested.

Where are the biggest whitetail deer in Ohio?

Dan arrowed the beast in Fairfield County, Ohio. That’s about 100 miles east of Greene County, where Mike Beatty shot the current P&Y world record in 2000.

Which Ohio county has the most deer?

Last season, hunters in Coshocton County checked 6,791 deer, the most of any county in Ohio. The statewide harvest in 2020-21 was 197,721.

Which Ohio County has the most deer?

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