What kind of antifreeze does a DuraMAX diesel take?

What kind of antifreeze does a DuraMAX diesel take?

DuraMAX Antifreeze and Coolant – Conventional Green Low Silicate Formula. The DuraMAX 50/50 Pre-diluted Antifreeze made with a low silicate formula is a ready-to-use formula for use in cars, light duty and heavy duty trucks.

What’s the best coolant for a DuraMAX?

The AC Delco Dex-Cool was the original fluid that comes in your 6.6L Duramax Diesel, it has been specially formulated for long service intervals, we recommend to service the coolant system every 5 years or 100,000 miles.

What kind of coolant does a 2004 DuraMAX take?

Registered. Dex Cool, 50/50.

How much coolant does a lb7 hold?

LB7 Duramax Oil & Fluid Capacity

Fluid/Oil Type Capacity – Quarts
Engine Oil /w Filter 10 quarts
Coolant /w Auto Trans. /w Manual Trans. See below 20.3 quarts 20.7 quarts
Automatic Transmission Refill: After Overhaul: See Below 7.4 quarts 12.7 quarts
ZF-6 Manual Transmission 6.3 quarts

What kind of coolant does a Chevy 2500 take?

Prestone – DEX-COOL 50/50 Antifreeze / Coolant – Gallon (Part No. AF850)

Do diesel engines need special antifreeze?

It’s not uncommon for diesel engines to require new coolant after as little as 30,000 miles. There are some longer life coolants on the market, but not all diesel engines can use them.

What type of coolant does a 2008 Duramax take?

Premium Member. There is a drain plug on the passenger side of the radiator, use Gm orange coolant and it’s about 6 gallons or so.

What coolant does a 2006 Duramax take?

Zerex 1 Gallon Orange 50/50 Antifreeze.

How many gallons of coolant does a lb7 Duramax take?

22 quarts initial fill. So 3 gallons of straight antifreeze and 3 gallons distilled water for 50% mix.

What kind of antifreeze goes in a 2019 Duramax?

What color antifreeze goes in diesel?

OAT coolants are designed for use in heavy and light-duty diesel engines, as well as natural gas and gasoline engines. Color: orange or red, but can also come in yellow, blue, red and dark green depending on the manufacturer.

Can you put regular antifreeze in a diesel truck?

You should NEVER use light duty coolant in a heavy duty engine, this will cause damage! However, a heavy duty coolant can be generally be used in a light duty cooling system without fear of harm.

What kind of antifreeze does a 2008 Chevy Silverado take?

FRAM – Dex-Cool Compatible Antifreeze and Coolant: 50/50 Ready To Use, 1 Gallon (Part No. F601)

How many quarts does a 6.6 Duramax hold?

In Stock. Oil change kit for the Chevrolet and GMC Trucks with a 6.6L Duramax engine. This kit includes ten quarts of your choice of oils as well as your choice of oil filter. All oils in this kit are CJ-4 approved.

How many gallons of antifreeze does a 2004 Duramax hold?

Registered. 5 gallons would be plenty.

What color is Rotella ELC?

Shell Rotella® ELC NF AFC is colored red to match many ELCs in the market today and based on the proven Shell Rotella® ELC AFC technology. Shell Rotella® ELC AFC – A premium, nitrited ELC in service as factory fill and service fill for over 15 years in a wide variety of engines and equipment.

Do diesel engines take special antifreeze?

Either way, the engine will have to be rebuilt. To counteract the effects of cavitation, diesel coolant contains special additives (primarily nitrite). Nitrite works by coating the metal components that are in contact with the coolant. The nitrite coating cushions and absorbs the impact the cavitation bubbles.

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