What items have Vitium Thaumcraft?

What items have Vitium Thaumcraft?

Compound Aspects

Name Components Sources
Vitium + Tainted blocks, Mycelium, Nether Wart
Tenebrae + Obsidian
Alienis + Ender Pearl
Volatus + Feather

What gives vitium?

Vitium, the “taint” aspect, is composed of Praecantatio and Perditio. It has no compounds. Found only in tainted creatures and items (normally tainted goo and taintacle drops), it is required for production of ethereal blooms, and liquid death.

How do you make a Sensus in Thaumcraft?

Sensus, the “sense” aspect, is composed of Spiritus and Aer. It is used in a few different craftings, notably the duplication of glowstone. It has no compounds, but can be distilled from any dye (perfect sources) or from carrots.

Does flux go away Thaumcraft 6?

It can be removed by the Flux Sponge or the Flux Condenser. It can be generated by emptying a Crucible and when the Infusion Altar is unstable. Note that the focus effect “flux” does not generate any flux into the aura, but deals magic damage.

How do you stop a tainted land in Minecraft?

Tainted areas can be healed or blocked from spreading, by “pure nodes” (notably those produced by silverwood trees), or with an Ethereal Bloom.

How many aspects are there in Thaumcraft 6?

The six Primal Aspects are Aer (air), Aqua (water), Ignis (fire), Terra (earth), Ordo (order), and Perditio (entropy), which are combined pairwise to produce successively more complex Compound Aspects.

How do you make an Instrumentum?

Instrumentum, the “tool” aspect, is composed of Humanus and Ordo. It is most easily distilled from flint, but also found in any shovel or axe. It has many compounds, of which Machina, Telum and Tutamen are perhaps the most easily available.

How long do flux rifts last?

The Flux Rift is an immobile entity added by Thaumcraft 6. It spawns when Flux in the local chunk’s aura exceeds 75% of the chunk’s Vis cap. Flux Rifts are a source of Void Seeds, Primordial Pearls, and Taint. Every 30 seconds, the rift will drain some Flux from the aura to slightly increase in size.

What item gives Permutatio in Thaumcraft?

Permutatio is an Aspect based in Exchanging, Change, and Barter. Permutatio is one of the earlier aspects you will discover due to its presence on common items such as Eggs and Seeds….Sources.

Item Name Aspect Value
Shimmerleaf 2
Silver Ingot 2
(Flax, Barley) Seeds 1
Pumpkin Seeds 1

How do I get rid of taint biome?

Fibrous taint can be washed away with water, and sometimes removed by destroying the blocks supporting it. While this will prevent damage from simply walking on the ground, the affected land will remain tainted. It is possible to purify Tainted land by use of Ethereal Blooms.

What items have Vacuos?


Item Name Aspect Value
Flower Pot 1
Glass Phial 1
Wooden Bowl 1
Glass Bottle 1
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