What is the waste toner box?

What is the waste toner box?

The waste toner box collects excess toner that is produced during printing. When waste toner box becomes full, the message “Please replace the waste toner box.” appears. Tap the [Operation Guide] key to replace the waste toner box as instructed.

How do you change the toner on a Kyocera Taskalfa 3253ci?

To do that, start by opening the waste container door. Then, take the empty black toner container out, rotate it 180 degrees, and slide it into the waste toner compartment. It should click into place. Afterward, make sure to shut the door to the compartment.

Can I empty a toner waste container?

Your toner waste container shouldn’t end up in the trash, instead you can empty and reuse it. Empty the toner waste container yourself in four easy steps: Release the waste container, which is located in the inside front cover under the toner cartridges. Pull out at a 45-degree angle with a garbage bag in hand.

Can you reuse waste toner box?

DO NOT reuse the waste toner box. DO NOT put the waste toner box into a fire. It could explode. Be careful not to spill the toner.

Can I empty my waste toner container?

How do you fill a Kyocera toner cartridge?

Take the toner bottle and screw the funnel on. It makes refilling easier. Carefully shake up the bottle and afterwards fill the powder into the cartridge (picture 3). After refilling the cartridge you need to seal it again.

Can you manually empty a waste toner cartridge?

Pull out the plastic pegs that hold the toner container to the cartridge case and separate the case and container. Unscrew the two screws holding the plate onto the toner container. Hold the cartridge with two hands inside the plastic bag. Turn the cartridge over and carefully empty the waste toner into the bag.

Can waste toner box be reused?

How do you clean the drum on a Kyocera printer?

Remove the clip and spring that holds the drum and developer/toner unit together. Remove the drum shaft and drum – pop the shaft on the left hand side of the drum unit towards you and side it out. Remove the drum cleaning blade. Replace the drum cleaning blade with a new one and re-assemble in the reverse order.

  • October 30, 2022