What is the STC rating for drywall?

What is the STC rating for drywall?

Common partition STC

STC Partition type
27 Single pane glass window (typical value) (dual-pane glass window range is 26–32) “STC Ratings”.
33 Single layer of 1/2″ drywall on each side, wood studs, no insulation (typical interior wall)
39 Single layer of 1/2″ drywall on each side, wood studs, fiberglass insulation

Does QuietRock help impact noise?

QuietRock attenuates airborne noise (rated by STC). In laboratory testing on ceiling applications, QuietRock was found to provide very little if any attenuation of impact noise (IIC).

What STC rating is considered soundproof?

STC rating goes from 25 – 65. The higher the rating, the less noise penetration. A rating of 25 is no soundproofing, and 65 is complete soundproofing. A standard single-pane window would have an STC rating of 25.

What is the highest STC rating?

The STC rating goes all the way up to 65. Most products don’t promise anything above 55 and even at a rating of 60, it still doesn’t guarantee complete soundproofing. Nothing is completely soundproof. You cannot stop outside noise completely from entering your space.

What is the STC rating of Rockwool?

Cellulose vs Roxul Rockwool Roxul Rockwool batts are 3.5” thick and have an STC rating of 45 and an NRC rating of 1.05. It is more rigid than other batts but is a pre-construction product. Rockwool has good mid to upper sound absorption ratings, and even the low end is respectable.

What is the most soundproof drywall?

There are various drywall types, but the Type X drywall is the most commonly used for soundproofing. It is a fire-resistant board, and a board of 5/8″ thickness can resist fire for an hour, which concurrently makes it the best drywall to reduce noise.

Is QuietRock fire rated?

QuietRock® 530 is a fire rated, 5/8” impact resistant sound damping gypsum panel equipped with a thin layer of steel in the center.

  • October 27, 2022