What is the GHQ scale?

What is the GHQ scale?

The General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) is a measure of current mental health and since its development by Goldberg in the 1970s it has been extensively used in different settings and different cultures [1-5].

What GHQ 28?

The GHQ-28 is used to indicate psychological well-being and detect possible cases of psychiatric disorders (psychiatric morbidity).

What is a GHQ 12 score?

Total scores range from 0 to 36 with a score of 11 or 12 considered typical, scores > 15 suggesting evidence of distress, and scores > 20 are considered severe problems with psychological distress.

Does the 12 item General Health Questionnaire contain multiple factors and do we need them?

Conclusions: The 12-item General Health Questionnaire contains three factors, namely Anxiety and Depression, Social Dysfunction, and Loss of Confidence.

Who created GHQ 28?

The GHQ-28 was developed by Goldberg and Hillier in 1979 and is based on an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) of the original GHQ-60 [6].

What does GHQ mean?

General Headquarters
GHQ is an abbreviation for ‘General Headquarters.

What is GHQ used for?

The use of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28) to estimate prevalence of psychiatric disorder in early pregnancy. The use of the 28-item version of the General Health Questionnaire as a means of determining prevalence of psychiatric disorders in early pregnancy is described.

What does a PHQ-9 score mean?

PHQ-9 Score Interpretation A PHQ-9 score total of 0-4 points equals “normal” or minimal depression. Scoring between 5-9 points indicates mild depression, 10-14 points indicates moderate depression, 15-19 points indicates moderately severe depression, and 20 or more points indicates severe depression.

Where is GHQ in Pakistan?

The General Headquarters (GHQ) is the headquarters of the Pakistan Army and is located in Rawalpindi, adjacent to the Joint Staff Headquarters. It was established on 14 August 1947 in the headquarters of the former Northern Command of the British Indian Army.

What is Ahq?

The Full form of AHQ is Air Headquarters, or AHQ stands for Air Headquarters, or the full name of given abbreviation is Air Headquarters.

What are 3 types of health?

The three sides that make up the health triangle and contribute to your overall health are: Physical Health. Mental Health. Social Health.

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