What is PA and OM in SAP HR?

What is PA and OM in SAP HR?

The Personnel Administration (PA) module of the SAP HR system holds the person related data in infotypes in the master data file. The Organization Management (OM) module looks at the organization’s departmental structure and holds the data in object types. OM object types are a way of grouping similar data.

What is transaction code in SAP HR?

SAP HR Transaction Codes Master Data. PA10 – Personnel file. PA20 – Display HR Master Data. PA30 – Maintain HR Master Data. PA40 – Personnel Action.

What is SAP HCM OM?

In SAP ERP HCM’s Ogranizational Management (SAP OM) module, an evaluation path can be defined as a chain of relationships between at least two object types. For example, an individual is a holder of a Position, and a Position is held by an individual. A chain of relationships might be from one Org.

How do you integrate OM and PA?

PA – OM integration is defined by PLOGI – ORGA in this table. If the value of PLOGI-ORGA is set to X that means integration is switched ON between PA and OM module. There are other switches as well for PLOGI group, but for time being we will only focus on this one. TCode used is PPOM_OLD.

How do you integrate between OM and PA?

Integration between Personnel Administration & OM

  1. RHINTE00 – To transfer data from PA to OM.
  2. RHINTE10 – To transfer OM data to PA tables.
  3. RHINTE20 – To determine whether the data relevant for integration is available in both PA and OM.
  4. RHINTE30 -To update IT0001 (org assignment)

What is SAP PA40?

PA40 is for personnel actions. It contains several actions like hire an employee,transfer, semi retirement etc.

Is the unique identifier for an OM infotype?

OM Infotypes can hold information of multiple object types and the way they do it by using two important fields in their key: Object type (OTYPE) and Object Id (OBJID). Field OTYPE say what kind of object current record is about and OBJID is a unique Id of that object.

What is the main switch for integration of OM with PA?

SAP system uses position 99999999 as default integration position. In cases where user does not know the position on which employee needs to be hired, we use default integration position 9999999. If the Integration switch PLOGI ORGA is set to X that means Integration between OM and PA is active.

What is Plogi orga?

The PLOGI ORGA switch is used to determine whether integration with. the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) takes place. The PLOGI feature is used in conjunction with the organizational. assignment (employee subgroup, personnel area, and so on) to specify which. groups of employees can participate in integration …

How many SAP transaction codes are there?

SAP has more than 1,00,000+ transaction codes in all, and it is increasingly difficult to keep track or remember these transaction codes.

What is the difference between PA30 and PA40?

PA30 is used to manage the record of an individual employee or infotypes of people in a firm. And PA40 is mainly used to manage the record of many employees or many infotypes of people or employees.

What is infogroup SAP HR?

What is an info group in SAP HR. Grouping of relevant infotypes (list of infotypes) to perform a specific actions in SAP is called as infogroup. Actions will execute infotypes as per the info groups sequential order.

How do you make an OM?

How to Create OM INFOTYPE?

  1. Check for the existence of any info type in the tables T582A and T777D.
  2. SE11 and create a data type with the prefix HRI…like HRI9334 (example)
  3. Go to transaction code PPCI ( Personnel Planning Infotype Copier)
  4. Go to transaction code SM30—> give the table name T777I…..choose–> maintain.

What is the unique identifier for an OM infotype in SAP?

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