What is an Ironman all world athlete?

What is an Ironman all world athlete?

The IRONMAN All World Athlete (AWA) program rewards age-group athletes for their hard work, dedication, and performance across IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 racing in a calendar year. All World Athlete status is bestowed on the best performing, and committed age group athletes, powered by the Age Group Rankings.

How many Ironman athletes are there?

Annually, there are eight Ironman races in the United States, with an average of roughly 2,000 finishers. That means there are approximately 16,000 Ironmen and women each year. So over 25 years (the race has been around since 1978 but did not reach mass popularity until the late 1980s), that’s about 400,000 finishers.

How do you become a world Ironman athlete?

AWA status is given to the athletes in each age group with the top 10% of AGR points, with the top 1% earning AWA Gold Status, the top 5% earning AWA Silver Status, and the top 10% earning AWA Bronze Status. The point threshold for earning AWA status changes each year due to the dynamic nature of the AGR system.

How much do professional IRONMAN athletes make?

Triathlete Income A survey conducted by USA Triathlon, the governing body for the sport, found that the average income of a triathlete was $128,000 a year as of 2010. Of course, this income isn’t solely from winnings. Triathletes typically hold day jobs, many providing six-figure salaries.

Do Ironman athletes make money?

The biggest year I had was $13.5k. You will also find many athletes receiving bonus payments that are performance-driven, and sometimes sales-driven. This can also be a big source of income for top pros, sometimes surpassing their salary dollars.

What is the fastest Ironman ever?

Fastest Ironman World Championship course record: Men: 7:51:13 – Jan Frodeno (2019)

Who won the most Ironman?

Most wins of the IRONMAN® World Championship by an individual (male) The most wins in the men’s race is six by Dave Scott (USA) (b. 4 Jan 1959), 1980, 1982-84 and 1986-87 and Mark Allen (USA), 1989-93, 1995.

Do Ironman winners get paid?

Prize money breakdown The 2021/22 IronMan and IronWoman Series has a total prize pool of $224,000. Winnings will be split evenly between the IronMen and the IronWomen, with both genders receiving an equivalent amount of winnings for each race and overall placings.

What is the prize for Ironman?

The Ironman World Championship in St. George to offer US$750,000 prize purse. That’s up $100,000 from the prize purse offered at the 2019 event in Kona.

What do winners of Ironman get?

Today, winners of both men and women races take home $120,000 which accounts to their share of the prize purse which in total stands at more than half a million dollars. Cash prizes are awarded down to the 10th position who takes about $10,000.

Who was the first Ironman?

Gordon Haller
Of the fifteen men to start off in the early morning on February 18, 1978, twelve completed the race. Gordon Haller, a US Navy Communications Specialist, was the first to earn the title Ironman by completing the course with a time of 11 hours, 46 minutes, 58 seconds.

What is Ironman prize money?

What is an ultra Ironman?

March 2010) An ultra-triathlon is a long-distance triathlon. The term generally refers to all triathlon events with a distance that is a multiple of the Ironman Triathlon, which consists of 2.4 miles (3.86 km) of swimming, 112 miles (180.25 km) of cycling, and a full marathon (26.2 mi or 42.2 km) of running.

Is there an age limit for Ironman?

(d) The minimum age requirement for IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Events is 18 years of age unless otherwise stated in the Event registration process.

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