What is a 316 in police code?

What is a 316 in police code?

316.5 RESPONSIBILITIES OF RESPONDING OFFICER(S) (a) Officers shall exercise sound judgment and care with due regard for life and property when responding to an emergency call. Officers shall reduce speed at all street intersections to such a degree that they shall have complete control of the vehicle.

What is a 415 in cop talk?

In California, the term police code 415 is used to refer to the crime of disturbing the peace. Disturbing the peace can be for either playing excessively loud music, fighting someone, or using offensive or threatening language.

What is a 413 police code?

Person with a Gun. 413. Person with a Knife. 413A. Person with other Deadly Weapon.

What is a 439 in police code?

Terms Used In California Penal Code 439 Misdemeanor: Usually a petty offense, a less serious crime than a felony, punishable by less than a year of confinement.

What is a 242 in police code?

Under California Penal Code 242 PC, the crime of “battery” is described as willfully and unlawfully using force against someone. The victim of the battery doesn’t have to suffer a physical injury as the main “element of the crime” is that you offensively touch somebody.

What’s the meaning of 187?

187 is slang for “murder.” 187 is a term associated with hip-hop songs dealing with topics of crime or gang violence.

What is a 445 police code?

Panic Alarm at Metro Facilities. 444A. Explosive Device. 445. Narcotics.

What is 5150 in police code mean?

The 5150 legal code allows “a person with a mental illness to be involuntarily detained for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization.” This means that someone experiencing a severe mental episode or condition can be detained against their will for up to 72 hours, if they meet at least one of the requirements of being a …

What is a 996 police code?

981 – Frequency is clear/Need radiological 982 – Are we being received/Bomb threat 983 – Explosion 995 – Labor trouble 996 – Explosion 996A – Unexploded bomb 998 – Officer involved in shooting 999 – Officer needs help – urgent!

What’s a 187 in police code?

187” — a slang term for murder derived from California’s penal code.

What is a 505 in police terms?

“505,” for instance, means reckless driving, and “240,” refers to assault, in accordance with California’s Penal Code Section 240.

What are some examples of police codes?

Even if you’re green in the scannerverse, you probably already use police codes in jest. The most obvious example is 10-4, which is simply used to signify acknowledgment. 10 codes are the most standardized class of police codes and, in turn, the most easily recognizable.

What is the police code for out of service?

Popular Police Codes Code Description 10-63 Subject positive / Prepare to copy 10-7 Out of service (completely) 10-33 Emergency, all units stand by 10-45 Condition of patient

What does code 1049 mean on a police report?

Police codes Code Meaning 10-49 Drag Racing 10-50 Vehicle Accident 10-51 Dispatch Wrecker 10-52 Dispatch Ambulance

What does code 1052 mean on a police report?

Police codes Code Meaning 10-52 Dispatch Ambulance 10-53 Road Blocked 10-54 Hit and Run Accident 10-55 Intoxicated Driver

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