What happens if you have a vitamin B9 deficiency?

What happens if you have a vitamin B9 deficiency?

Vitamin B9 deficiency can lead to anaemia and might increase your risk of heart disease. It’s also really important during early pregnancy for a developing baby. Signs of deficiency include tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and difficulty concentrating.

What disease is caused by vitamin B9 deficiency?

Low levels of folic acid can cause megaloblastic anemia. With this condition, red blood cells are larger than normal.

Which is one of the first symptoms of folate deficiency?

Headache, dizziness, pallor and shortness of breath are also symptoms of anemia. Anemia, particularly megaloblastic anemia, is often the first sign that there is an underlying folate deficiency, and doctors will usually test for folate and Vitamin B12 deficiencies when they encounter anemia.

Why do oral contraceptives cause folate deficiency?

Women who use oral contraceptives have impaired folate metabolism as shown by slightly but significantly lower levels of folate in the serum and the erythrocytes and an increased urinary excretion of formiminoglutamic acid. The vitamin B12 level in their serum is also significantly lower than that of control groups.

Can low folic acid cause weight gain?

Furthermore, folate deficiency may lead to body weight gain and adiposity [12]. Several studies has indicated a link between low folate intake or low serum folate concentration and greater body mass, BMI, overall fat accumulation, and higher waist circumference [13,14,15,16].

What is the most common cause of folate deficiency?

A diet low in fresh fruits, vegetables, and fortified cereals is the main cause of folate deficiency. In addition, overcooking your food can sometimes destroy the vitamins. Folate levels in your body can become low in just a few weeks if you don’t eat enough folate-rich foods.

Can low folate cause anxiety?

“Problems with folate metabolism have been associated with depression and/or anxiety. This is partly due to inadequate SAMe synthesis. SAMe is required for neurotransmitter synthesis which is important for proper nerve and brain function.

Does birth control decrease folate?

Abstract. Evidence shows a fall in folate and vitamin B12 levels in women taking oral contraceptives. These levels do not return to normal until about three months after usage has stopped, but many women become pregnant during this time.

Does birth control affect folic acid?

Abstract. PIP: Recently there have been reports that long-term use of estrogen- containing oral contraceptives (OCs) can induce folic acid and vitamin B deficiency which can lead to hematopoiesis. The symptoms are paleness, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, and euphoric and depressive states.

Does folic acid grow hair?

According to Dr Chaturvedi, folic acid helps to promote hair growth, add volume and even reduce the rate of premature greying—it does so by amping up the body’s cell production processes. “If you’re deficient in folate, taking supplements may result in the growth of new hair in some patients,” Dr Gupta agrees.

What vitamins does birth control deplete you of?

Well, this week, I want to shine the light on a little-known side effect of a prescription medication used by more than 10 million women in the U.S. Birth control pills can deplete your body of several B vitamins (riboflavin, B6, B12, and folic acid), vitamin C, magnesium, and zinc.

Does folic acid help with hair growth?

Can low folic acid cause hair loss?

Folate deficiency can cause hair, skin, and nail changes [22]. Vitamin B12 is necessary for DNA synthesis, neurological function, and red blood cell formation [22].

Does folic acid cause tiredness?

It can cause symptoms like weakness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and shortness of breath ( 14 , 15 ). If you take folic acid supplements and recognize any of these symptoms, consider getting your B12 levels checked. High intakes of folic acid may mask a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Does birth control cause vitamin B deficiency?

Oral contraceptive (OC) may cause low vitamin B12 blood levels in approxi- mately 10% of users [8–10]. Indeed, OC users have 11– 43% lower vitamin B12 levels than controls [8, 10–13].

Is it OK to take vitamin D with birth control?

Does Vitamin D affect birth control pills? Vitamin D does not impact the efficacy of the birth control pill, so it can be taken at the same time. However, this may not be necessary because those who take birth control tend to have higher levels of Vitamin D in their systems.

  • August 10, 2022