What happened with Lakers and Rondo?

What happened with Lakers and Rondo?

The Lakers finally got to wheeling and dealing this week and made a move on the trade market. It was a small move, but one that will impact both teams and players involved. They shipped off Rajon Rondo to Cleveland in exchange for Denzel Valentine, who they are expected to waive to create an open roster spot.

What did Kobe say to Rondo?

Bryant once complimented Rondo in a back-handed way by saying, “From what I understand, he’s an a–h—, like me.”

Why did Rondo get fan ejected?

Early in the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Phoenix Suns, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got into a tussle on the bench that briefly turned physical. Somehow, that was not the strangest incident of the game. A fan getting ejected for slapping Rajon Rondo’s hand away from his face took the prize.

What happened with Rondo?

NBA veteran Rajon Rondo allegedly pulled gun, threatened to kill woman: Reports. A woman filed for an emergency protective order against Rajon Rondo on Friday, alleging the veteran NBA point guard pulled a gun on her and threatened to kill her in an altercation, according to multiple reports.

Who got ejected in the Lakers game tonight?

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart were both ejected after getting into a physical altercation midway through the third quarter of the Lakers-Pistons game on Sunday night in Detroit. Los Angeles went on to win 121-116.

What did the Lakers get for Rondo?

The trade landed Rondo with the Cavs; Denzel Valentine, draft rights to Brad Newley (54th pick in 2007), L.A.’s draft rights to Wang Zhelin (57th pick in 2016) and cash to the Knicks (New York later waived Valentine); and brought New York’s draft rights to Louis Labeyrie (57th pick in 2014) back to the Lakers.

Who was the fan ejected from Lakers game?

Sixers fan ejected for calling Lakers’ Carmelo Anthony ‘boy’ banned for life from Wells Fargo Center. Thursday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers ground to a half in the fourth quarter when Carmelo Anthony got into an altercation with a pair of fans at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Why did Rondo fall off?

According to the team, Rondo suffered a broken bone in his left hand after falling at home. ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reports the injury occurred when the guard slipped in the shower.

Did Rondo pull a gun on his family?

The mother of Rajon Rondo’s children has been granted an emergency protective order against the NBA player after he was accused of pulling a gun on his family on May 11 at their Louisville home.

Can NBA players have fans ejected?

The two courtside fans ejected from last week’s Pacers-Lakers game were ushered out for violating the NBA Fan Code of Conduct after making inappropriate comments and gestures toward Lakers star LeBron James, sources tell The Athletic. No lifetime ban or further consequence is expected.

What did the fans say to get ejected?

Fans removed after yelling at Carmelo Anthony. Watch as two fans in Philadelphia were ejected after yelling at Lakers star Carmelo Anthony. Two fans were ejected on Thursday night after they got into it with Carmelo Anthony late during the Philadelphia 76ers’ 105-87 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Why LeBron James get ejected from game?

During the third quarter, LeBron reportedly swung at Pistons center Isaiah Stewart, allegedly making contact with his eye. The reported hit resulted in the bloodying of Stewart’s eye, and LeBron was ejected for a flagrant-2 foul, according to CBS Sports.

Why is Rondo traded so much?

The Cavaliers traded for Rondo to fill the hole that was left behind after Ricky Rubio suffered a season-ending ACL injury. While Rondo has struggled this season, the Cavaliers have really struggled without that veteran point guard presence, so it makes sense to kick the tires on a cheap asset like Rondo.

How did Cavs get Rondo?

He was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Cavs earlier in the week in a three-team deal that also involved the New York Knicks. The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired former All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo in a trade earlier in the week with the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks.

What did Anthony fan say?

Sixers fan that was ejected for taunting Los Angeles Lakers star Carmelo Anthony kept calling him a “boy” and yelling “get in the corner boy” and “keeping shooting boy,” league sources tell Yahoo Sports. . After the game, Melo gave his side of things and cleared the air.

When did Rajon Rondo dislocate his elbow?

Rajon Rondo dislocated his non-shooting elbow in the third quarter of the Boston Celtics’ 97-81 victory over the Miami Heat on Saturday Night. The injury came on a play where Rondo was defending the Heat’s Dwyane Wade.

Who coached Rajon Rondo in college?

Tubby Smith
The 2005–06 Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team represented University of Kentucky. The head coach was Tubby Smith….Roster.

Pos. G
# 4
Name Rajon Rondo
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 170 lb (77 kg)

What is Rondo’s net worth?

$45 million
Rajon Rondo is a professional basketball player in the United States with a net worth of $45 million.

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