What happened in Sterlite protest?

What happened in Sterlite protest?

The violence took place during an ongoing protest against proposed expansion of a copper smelter plant run by Sterlite Corporation in Thoothukudi town. Police opened fire on the protesters, killed 13 people and left 102 injured….

Thoothukudi violence
Injured 102
Perpetrators Tamil Nadu Police & Paramilitary forces

Who opened Sterlite in Tamilnadu?

Vedanta Limited
Chennai: The Sterlite Copper plant operated by Vedanta Limited in Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi district began winding up by Friday afternoon as they completed the three-month duration granted by the Supreme Court to solely operate their oxygen plant until July 31.

Why is there concern about copper smelting plant?

They may release lethal quantities of carbon monoxide into environment. 2. The copper slag can cause the leaching of some heavy metals into the environment.

Why Sterlite Copper was closed?

Sterlite Copper, a subsidiary of Sterlite Industries, a company owned by Vedanta Limited, was forced to cease operations following a major protest in 2018. Protesters claimed that the emissions and waste from the plant were polluting the environment. The plant has remained shut since.

When was Sterlite closed?

That was when the J Jayalalithaa government ordered the closure of the unit in March 2013. This was overturned by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in May 2013. Following this, the plant was reopened.

Do copper smelting releases carbon monoxide?

In copper smelting process, first, the carbon (C) combusts with oxygen (O2) in the air to produce carbon monoxide (CO). Second, the carbon monoxide reacts with the ore and removes one of its oxygen atoms, releasing carbon dioxide. Hence, it does not release lethal quantity of CO in the environment.

Why is smelting bad?

Smelting, the process of extracting metals from ore, played an important (and lucrative) role in US manufacturing. The process releases impurities such as lead and arsenic, which can be released through smokestacks and contaminate surrounding environments.

Who is the founder of Sterlite?

Anil Agarwal
Sterlite Technologies Limited (Formerly Sterlite Tech) is an Indian multinational technology company, headquartered in Mumbai….Sterlite Technologies.

Trade name STL
Industry Telecommunications Technology Datacenters Virtualized Networks Network equipment
Founded 1988
Founder Anil Agarwal
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra , India
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