What does yer Tiz meaning?

What does yer Tiz meaning?

here it is
Yer tiz: A direct translation of the phrase ‘here it is’. Could also be used as an agreement in replacement of ‘Yes, it is’.

What does maid mean in Somerset?


Phrase Meaning
maid (Dorset, Devon) girl
maggoty (Dorset) fanciful
mackey (Bristol) massive or large, often to benefit
mallyshag (Isle of Wight) caterpillar

Why do Devon people say maid?

It’s an affectionate word for females, as in ‘Don’t you worry about it, maid. ‘ i think it’s used more than people think because it often sounds like ‘mate’. It’s a nice word, and when properly used, is always meant well.

What is Croust?

Croust: A mid-morning break for a snack (mid/west Cornwall)

What does Gurt licker mean?

Girt licker – very large object, as in “That fish you caught is a girt licker”

What is a Janner slang?

Janner (plural Janners) (Britain, dated, slang) An English person born within ten miles of the sea. (Britain, slang) Someone from Plymouth.

What does lush mean in Bristol?

Definition: For something to be large, or have a great amount of. You may have seen also seen the phrase ‘gert lush’, meaning ‘really good’ or ‘really lovely’.

What is a Somerset accent called?

To pick up the Somerset twang, which dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period, actors learn ‘Mummerset’ which is a mixture of dialects from across the South-West by replacing the ‘S’ in words with ‘Z’ and changing an ‘F’ with a ‘V’.

What does Bey mean in Devon?

6 Bey. This is Devon dialect for ‘boy’ but beys can also be any age.

Is proper job a Cornish saying?

If you’ve made someone ‘jumping’ then you better apologise dreckly. Only the Cornish can do a ‘proper job’ properly, especially if it involves lots of heavy lifting, a tractor and a pint of cider. Proper job is perfect!

What is a Tuss?

Tuss. A word with its roots in the old Cornish language, it’s thought to have some connection to male genitals, but has come to be used as a more general term of contempt.

What does Gurt Lush mean?

really lovely
You may have seen also seen the phrase ‘gert lush’, meaning ‘really good’ or ‘really lovely’.

What is a Bey slang?

‘Bey’ is also used in colloquially in Urdu-speaking parts of India and its usage is similar to “chap” or “man”. When used aggressively, it is an offensive term.

What does me Babbers mean?

Meaning: Another term of endearment meaning baby, babe, love. You get the picture. How to use: “Alright me babber?”

  • August 17, 2022