What does Pela mean Zulu?

What does Pela mean Zulu?

More meanings for phela. cease verb. nqamuka, khawuka, yeka. discontinue verb.

What does BAFO mean in Zulu?

i miss you my friends.

What does Kanti mean in Zulu?

only, alone, except. noma adverb, conjunction. either, or, whether, even, though. More Zulu Translations. kanje.

What does Mgodoyi mean?

Mgodoyi is an insulting Zulu term for a man who behaves like a mongrel.

What does Lamula mean in Zulu?

English Translation. lame. More meanings for lamula. arbitrate verb.

What does Dudula mean?

to push away
(transitive) to push away. (transitive) to repel, to repulse, to beat back, to drive back.

What is Mfondini?

So mfondini [Zulu, mfo + -ndini (suffix indicating affection)], ‘dear brother’.

What does Iqoma mean in Zulu?

Known locally in South African as Iqoma Bowls which is the Zulu translation. An African Zulu grass woven open bowl that is known by the Zulu people as Iqoma baskets. The Iqoma is a bowl-like basket with deeper and inward curving sides used for carrying grain.

What language is Mgodoyi?

In the Zulu language, the term mgodoyi is an insult intended for a man who behaves like a dog.

What does the Zulu word Bayete mean?

a. ‘Hail’, the Zulu royal salute; also extended as an honour to prominent persons or high officials. Also attributive.

What is Dudula South Africa?

Operation Dudula is a South African Hate Group & Vigilante Organisation. It was established in Soweto, a township of Johannesburg but has since spread to other parts of the country. “Dudula” means to “force out” or “knock down” in isiZulu, and refers to the movement’s goal to expel immigrants.

What is the aim of Operation Dudula?

Operation Dudula warns legal and illegal immigrants are now in its crosshairs. Operation Dudula is no longer targeting illegal immigrants only. Documented migrants doing menial jobs in SA will not be spared.

What does Tshini mean in Xhosa?

Also hienie, tshini. Origin: Xhosa. Among Xhosa-speakers: an exclamation of surprise, disbelief, shock, dismay, or indignation.

What can I say in Xhosa?

Useful Xhosa Phrases for Visitors to Cape Town

  • Hello – Molo (singular) Molweni (plural)
  • How are you? – Unjani? (
  • I’m fine thanks and you? – Ndiphilile?
  • What is your name? – Ungubani igama lakho?
  • My name is … – Igama lam ngu …
  • Where are you from? Uvela phi?
  • I’m from … – Ndivela e …
  • I don’t understand – Andiva.

What is Insumo Zulu?

English Translation. tale. More meanings for insumo. tale noun.

What does Mgodoyi mean in Zulu?

What does Bayede mean?

Hail the King!
BAYEDE! translated from Zulu means ‘Hail the King! ‘, The salute reserved for the zulu king.

  • September 24, 2022