What does in contention for mean?

What does in contention for mean?

Definition of in contention for : having a chance to win (something, such as a title or position) He’s in contention for the Olympic medal.

What does poignant mean simple?

painfully affecting the feelings
Definition of poignant 1a(1) : painfully affecting the feelings : piercing. (2) : deeply affecting : touching. b : designed to make an impression : cutting poignant satire. 2a : pleasurably stimulating.

What does improvident mean in things fall apart?

improvident. adjective. not provident; lacking foresight; incautious; unwary. “In his day, he was lazy and improvident and unable to think about tomorrow (Achebe 5). impending.

What is the correct definition of ominous?

ominous, portentous, fateful mean having a menacing or threatening aspect. ominous implies having a menacing, alarming character foreshadowing evil or disaster. ominous rumblings from the volcano portentous suggests being frighteningly big or impressive but now seldom definitely connotes forewarning of calamity.

How do you use the word contention?

Contention in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The contention between the divorcing couple has caused the divorce proceedings to take several months.
  2. Does anyone know the point of contention that started the fight between Jim and Bob?

What’s the opposite of poignant?

adjective. ( ˈpɔɪnjənt) Arousing affect. Antonyms. unmoving nonmoving immobile motionlessness. moving affecting.

What’s another synonym for ominous?

The words fateful and portentous are common synonyms of ominous. While all three words mean “having a menacing or threatening aspect,” ominous implies having a menacing, alarming character foreshadowing evil or disaster.

What are synonyms to ominous?

synonyms for ominous

  • apocalyptic.
  • dangerous.
  • dark.
  • dire.
  • dismal.
  • gloomy.
  • grim.
  • haunting.

Is contention an opinion?

contention noun (OPINION) an opinion expressed in an argument: [ + that ] It is her contention that exercise is more important than diet if you want to lose weight.

What does matter of contention mean?

countable noun. If a particular matter or issue is a bone of contention, it is the subject of a disagreement or argument.

What does no contention mean?

1 a struggling between opponents; competition. 2 dispute in an argument (esp. in the phrase bone of contention) 3 a point asserted in argument.

What’s the synonym for poignant?

Some common synonyms of poignant are affecting, impressive, moving, pathetic, and touching. While all these words mean “having the power to produce deep emotion,” poignant applies to what keenly or sharply affects one’s sensitivities.

How do you use the word poignant?

How to use Poignant in a sentence

  1. The moment was too poignant to be amusing.
  2. It was one of many poignant moments.
  3. It was a poignant portrayal of the effects of a war that touched every aspect of society.
  4. Some of his most poignant and most enchanting letters were written during this romantic period of his life.

What is a offhand?

Definition of offhand (Entry 1 of 2) : without premeditation or preparation : extempore couldn’t give the figures offhand.

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