What do trade posts do ck2?

What do trade posts do ck2?

Republics with a trade post in a county have a ‘Seize City’ CB on the local city, subject to various constraints. Feudal rulers with trade posts in their land receive an Embargo Casus Belli on the Republic, which if successful will raze the trade posts within their borders for a handsome payout.

How can I increase my trade post limit?

Click on Republic menu on teh top left, click on the holding below your heir’s potrait, and build mansion/great mansion/palace/etc and it will greatly increase your trade post limit.

Can you become a merchant republic ck2?

A merchant republic will form if you grant a county and then a duchy to a coastal mayor. If you hold a city personally, you can right-click the city to make it the county capital. This lets you choose any courtier you control to be the first doge.

How does a trading post work?

The trading post is the marketplace for all players to buy and sell their items. It works like the stock market, where you can set buy orders and sell orders at a set price of your choosing. Since most of the items are useless, you can salvage them to get Repair Parts instead of selling them in the trading post.

What do Raider tents do?

Establishing a Raider Tent increases the amount of rewards obtained when completing Royal Demands in that territory.

What happens if limit order not filled?

The order only trades your stock at the given price or better. But a limit order will not always execute. Your trade will only go through if a stock’s market price reaches or improves upon the limit price. If it never reaches that price, the order won’t execute.

How do I claim for Dysert?

The Dysert Deed is located in an enemy outpost on the northwestern tip of Ulster. The Deed is inside a small chest set between two white tents in the courtyard. Bring the deed to Dysert and eliminate all the enemies in the area to establish the trade post.

How do I claim Lisdurrow?

Once the jar has exploded, go to the back window, and you should now have a clear shot of the lock. You can now enter the hut and obtain the deed. All you have to do now is return to the Lisdurrow Trade Post and turn in the deed.

Which Crusader King is best?

Fraser Brown: Crusader Kings III is this year’s best strategy game, but it’s also one of the greatest RPGs and sandboxy sims around as well.

How do trade zones work ck2?

A trade zone is a continuous set of provinces whose trade posts are owned by the same character. Trade zones give a bonus to city income and trade post income. Trade zones do not scale linearly, but it’s still usually better to have a single 6-province trade zone than two 3-province trade zones.

Can you become a merchant republic from feudal?

Grant your heir any title above count, this will make him into a merchant republic if his capital is coastal. 4. Grant your heir a title that is the same rank as you, this will make him independent.

What do traders do banished?

A Trading Post is used to buy items that the town needs, in exchange for resources produced by the town. A trading post needs to be built on a river or lake. Since all merchants arrive by boat, trading posts built on a lake without access to the main river that flows through town won’t ever receive merchants.

Who owns the trading post?

In March 2004, the Trading Post Group company was bought by Telstra’s Sensis directories division for $636 million. At the time of sale, the company had grown nationally to 22 print publications and five related websites.

Are royal demands unlimited?

Demands are cycled through as you complete them. There can only be three active demands at the same time, per each territory. This means you could potentially have a total of 9 Royal Demands active if you visit pigeon coops affiliated with each of the three territories.

Is the traitor gerhild or LORK?

While neither of them appear to have a good excuse for hunting rabbits when there is already plenty or meat at the camp, it is actually Gerhild who is the traitor.

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