What did Virginia Hall do in the CIA?

What did Virginia Hall do in the CIA?

‘A Woman Of No Importance’: American Spy Virginia Hall Finally Gets Her Due Virginia Hall was an American spy who worked for Britain and the U.S. and played a key role in undermining the Nazi occupation of France during World War II. Her story was rarely told — until now.

What was the heckler network?

In Toulouse, she established a resistance network called HECKLER, which gathered information about German troop movements and helped downed British pilots escape to safety, then she traveled to Lyon, where she helped coordinate activities of the French Resistance.

Did Virginia Hall work for the CIA?

In 1945, Hall was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for her heroic actions during the war. She continued intelligence work for the CIA after the war, retiring in 1966 when she reached the mandatory retirement age of 60.

Who was the most feared spy in ww2?

Virginia Hall
Learn how Virginia Hall, woman with a prosthetic leg, became the most feared allied spy in WWII. See how she eluded Nazi capture and aided in a victory at D-Day.

How do I become a CIA spy?

You Must Apply Online, While in the United States We only accept online job applications through our official CIA Application Portal. In addition, you must be physically within the United States or its territories when you apply. This is for your safety and security.

How hard is it to be a spy?

spy training = Specialized Skills A real spy analyst can expect to endure long hours without sleep and few comforts. During these long stretches one must still maintain intense concentration despite fatigue and even the very possible threat of physical danger.

Who is the greatest American spy?

Aldrich Ames
Espionage activity
Country United States
Allegiance Soviet Union Russia
Agency CIA
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