What artists are similar to Lana Del Rey?

What artists are similar to Lana Del Rey?

LordeLana RhoadesMelanie MartinezBillie EilishTaylor SwiftMitski
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What books does Lana Del Rey read?

Violet Bent Backwards over the Gr…2020LA Who Am I to Love YouBorn to die the paradise edition : pi…2012Born to Die2013Super Easy Cookbook for Beginn…2018The 5‑Ingredient Dutch Ove…2019
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Who influenced Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey introduced herself as the “gangster Nancy Sinatra.” Since then, she’s drawn more and more influences into her beguiling post-modern pop enigma: the soulful noir of Amy Winehouse, Portishead, and Cat Power; the tough rock of Van Morrison, The Black Keys, and Lou Reed.

What books does Taylor Swift read?

Taylor Swift ‑ Red (Taylor’s V…2012Taylor Swift ‑ Evermore Easy Pian…2021Best of Taylor Swift (Songbook)2010Love Story2008Wildest Dreams Sheet Music2015New Year’s Day Sheet Music2020
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Does Lana Del Rey work out?

Lana Del Rey’s training seems to mainly come from classes. She mentioned wanting to hire a personal trainer but it doesn’t seem she has done that just yet and seems to be opting for spin class and outdoor activity as the bulk of her training schedule right now.

Who are Lana’s favorite artists?

Regarding her rock music inclinations, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Janis Joplin, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen and Cat Power are among the artists that inspire her. Also, we can include pop singers such as Britney Spears, Madonna and Beyoncé.

Who is Taylor Swift’s favorite author?

Taylor Swift has tweeted saying that John Green is one of her favourite authors.

Does Lana Del Rey get along with her mom?

In her song “My Momma,” she wrote “Me and my momma, we don’t get along,” which is pretty straightforward if you ask us. In another song called “Black Bathing Suit,” Lana includes the lyrics, “I’m not friends with my mother but still love my dad.” Brutally honest!

Is Lana Del Rey friends with Taylor Swift?

Are Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey friends? The tight-knit friendship between Taylor and Lana has been well documented through the years. Even though they don’t have any songs together just yet, Taylor and Lana are far from being basic acquaintances in the music industry.

What style is Lana Del Rey?

Del Rey is generally regarded as an alternative pop singer. Her works have been categorized as pop, rock, dream pop, baroque pop, indie pop, psychedelic rock, while incorporating trip hop, hip hop, lo-fi, and trap elements.

What is Harry Styles Favorite book?

Book 1: Burning In Water Drowning In Flame by Charles Bukowski. Harry so famously loves Bukowski that a fan once threw a book of Bukowski’s poems onstage during a One Direction concert, so I figured this 1974 collection of his poetry would be as good a book as any to begin my journey with.

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