What are the benefits of Glo Bumpa?

What are the benefits of Glo Bumpa?

Actually, the GLO Bumpa is a prepaid phone tariff plan. It means when you pay from N100 and above, you will receive 200% bonus to call all other networks in Nigeria. In other words, every time you pay you will recharge your phone, you will receive thrice as much value.

How do I activate Glo Bumpa?

How to migrate to Glo Bumpa tariff. It’s easy to migrate to the Glo bumpa tariff, simply dial *100*10*1# and press 1 when asked for confirmation. It doesn’t come at any charge, provided your last migration was not made within the last 30 days.

What is the code for Glo Bumpa?

Dial the Glo Bumpa code, *100*10*1# and press 1 to confirm. It is also easy to check Glo Bumpa balance, just dial #122*2#. As you can see, this new plan has a good number of benefits, and it is easy to migrate to.

How do I get Glo Bumpa bonus?

Glo Bumpa! 200% bonus on every recharge you make. Its for life!!! To migrate to this package, Dial *100*10*1#.

Which Glo plan gives data bonus?

As a new GLO customer, you can enjoy up to 100% bonus when you buy a data plan. Simply dial *777# or visit hsi.glo.com to buy a data plan of your choice; you will get the data bonus automatically. This offer is available on all data plan purchases, for the 1st four months of joining the network.

Which Glo plan gives more bonus?

Glo Yakata is another Glo tariff plan that offers much calling bonuses and data bonuses. This plan gives you data bonuses on every of your recharge monthly. Glo Yakata call rate is a little bit high due to the bonus which is offered to the customers. 55 kobo per seconds to Glo calls.

How do I migrate to Glo Yakata data plan?

Dial *220# to migrate to Glo Yakata. To confirm if you are on the Yakata plan, dial #100#. The bonus is valid for 7days starting form the day you recharged. The bonuses can be accumulated and may continue to increase on every subsequent recharge thereby increasing the total airtime balance in your Yakata Bonus account.

Which plan is best for data on Glo?

Glo Yakata Offer – Tariff Plan And here is how it goes, Yakata gives you up to 6GB data bonus every month for 6months (that is approximately 36GB, wow 😮) plus extra N2,200 on every recharge of N100 to call all Networks. This is one of the cheapest glo tariff plans in Nigeria and the best glo tariff plan for browsing.

How do I check my Glo Bumpa bonus expiry date?

#122*35# – this is a quick code to check unlocked bonuses for those who have subscribed to Glo Welcome Back offer. #122*2# – it’s a quick code to use if you have subscribed to BUMPA package. #127*0# – use this simple USSD number to check your Glo data plan bonus.

How can I get 20000 bonus on Glo?

Link your NIN and get upto N20,000 Bonus Free. The Bonus value will be credited to the impacted customers 1 hours after they are unbarred. The Bonus value will be credited to a dedicated bonus account. The Bonus validity will be 7 days from the date of first use.

Which Glo plan is the best?

Best Glo tariff plan with 8x value The Glo Jollific8 is an amazing plan that allows new Glo prepaid customers get eight (8x) times the value of whatever they recharge. New customers also enjoy Voice and Data on every recharge. Glo Jollific8 offers new subscribers 800% more value on every recharge from ₦100 and above.

How can I get unlimited data on Glo?

Glo 2500 Unlimited In this case, you need N2500 to subscribe to this unlimited data plan on glo. Simply dial *127*58# and wait on the USSD to respond. Once your transaction processes, you’ll be rewarded with 7.7GB to do your favorite stuff online. Make sure you dial correctly.

What is Glo 18th data?

Globacom will give its customers FREE airtime and data to commemorate its 18th anniversary. The operator currently has over 50 million subscribers on its network.

How do I migrate to yakata?

For new customers, buy a new SIM card and register. For old customers on other tariff plans dial *455# to move to Yakata and recharge to enjoy Yakata benefits on every recharge.

  • August 6, 2022