What are the ages of the Duck Dynasty brothers?

What are the ages of the Duck Dynasty brothers?

As fans of Ducky Dynasty well know, patriarch Phil Robertson and his longtime wife, Kay Robertson, are parents to four adult sons: Jep Robertson, 42, Willie Robertson, 48, Jase Robertson, 50, and Alan Robertson, 55.

Who is older Willie or Jase?

He was born 2 days before his father’s 26th birthday. He has two older brothers, Alan and Jase, one younger sister, Phyllis, and one younger brother, Jep. Willie grew up around hunting and the outdoors, and spent considerable time around Duck Commander, a small business run by his father.

Who’s the oldest in Duck Dynasty?

Alan is the oldest of the four Robertson kids. He likes to call himself the original. He spent the past 22 years as a pastor until just recently, when he decided to join the family business, where he helps schedule appearances. Alan never really got into this whole beard thing.

Who are the brothers on Duck Dynasty?

The hit reality show premiered in March 2012 and ended in March 2017 after 11 seasons. The series followed patriarch Phil Robertson, his wife, Kay Robertson, his brother Si Robertson and Phil’s sons Willie Robertson, Jep Robertson and Jase Robertson.

Who is the 4th brother in Duck Dynasty?

Alan Robertson, the beardless fourth brother in Duck Dynasty’s famed duck call-manufacturing family, will make his debut on season four of the A&E reality show.

How many Robertson brothers are there?

Phil— who shares sons Al Robertson, 55, Jase, Willie Robertson, 48, and Jep, 42, with his wife Kay Robertson — learned three months ago that he unknowingly had a daughter.

Do Martin and Godwin still work for Duck Commander?

Justin Martin has been working with Willie Robertson and the Duck Commander company since 2008. Martin works alongside Jase Robertson and John Godwin to physically build all of the company’s famous duck calls. Martin is particularly notable for his large size. He is frequently given a hard time for being a big guy.

Who Molested JEP?

Robertson’s revelation comes in the wake of revelations that several of the Duggar family sisters were molested by their older brother Josh when he was a teen. Jep and his wife can relate to the public scrutiny the “19 Kids and Counting” family is now facing.

Who is Alan Robertson married to?

Lisa RobertsonAlan Robertson / Spouse

What drugs was Jep addicted to?

3. Jep tried every drug imaginable, from a “wet daddy” to weed laced with LSD. In the book, Jep says “one of the dumbest things” he’s ever tried is what he calls a “wet daddy.” According to him, this is “a joint soaked in formaldehyde that had been stolen from a funeral home.”

Who is the richest Robertson from Duck Dynasty?

Rebecca Robertson. Rebecca Robertson joined the family at the age of 16 when she emigrated from Taiwan to the United States as an exchange student.

  • John Luke&Mary Kate Robertson. John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson have a combined net worth of around$400,000.
  • Sadie Robertson.
  • Justin Martin.
  • John Godwin.
  • Jep&Jessica Robertson.
  • Si&Christine Robertson.
  • Why was Alan not on Duck Dynasty?

    Alan Robertson is the “beardless brother,” who traded in his duck call and the Duck Commander dynasty for a different call as a minister in his local church. Nonetheless, he’s still a prominent member of the family—being the oldest brother to Jase, Willy and Jep.

    Who died on Duck Dynasty?

    While no one in “Duck Dynasty”s main cast has died, sadly someone related to the Robertson family indeed has recently passed away. We’re talking about Jessica Robertson’s father, who died from cancer in December 2020. The news was delivered by Jessica on her Instagram account in January 2021.

    How old is Jep from Duck Dynasty?

    The youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, Jep, 35, may be the baby of the family but he still holds his own at the family company, Duck Commander. In his teenage years, he admits to having struggled with drugs and alcohol, but has since turned his life around.

    • August 14, 2022