Is the Bofors 40mm still used?

Is the Bofors 40mm still used?

The Bofors 40 mm L/60 would however continue to see service long after becoming obsolete as an anti-aircraft weapon due to the massive number of surplus guns from WWII, and a small number of Bofors 40 mm L/60 guns remain in service today. Some weapons saw action as late as the Gulf War and Yugoslav Wars.

How effective was the pom pom?

The pom-poms on Repulse shot down two of the four confirmed kills made by Force Z, while Prince of Wales’ pom-poms did record hits on enemy aircraft. The Royal Navy judged the pom-pom’s effectiveness to range from about half that of the Bofors, per gun, against torpedo planes to about equal against Kamikaze attackers.

How many artillery guns India have?

Today, it is the second-largest arm of the Indian Army, and with its guns, mortars, rocket launchers, unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance systems, missiles and artillery firepower. It constitutes almost one-sixth of its total strength….Regiment of Artillery (India)

Regiment of the Artillery
Anniversaries 28 September (Gunners’ Day)

Who invented the pom pom gun?

Hiram Maxim
History. Hiram Maxim originally designed the Pom-Pom in the late 1880s as an enlarged version of the Maxim machine gun.

Why did Germans use 88?

The German Kriegsmarine had adopted the gun largely because a round of 88mm ammunition was considered the largest and heaviest (about 34 pounds) that a single man could handle. The World War I model could fire a 9.6 kilogram high-explosive to a height of 6,850 meters, with a maximum range of 10,800 meters.

How many Insas rifle in India?

Manufacturer Armament Research and Development Establishment Ordnance Factories Board
Produced 1994–present
No. built 100,000 (Assault Rifles) and 6,000 (LMG) (2012) 700,000–900,000 (2019)
Variants See Variants

What is a Chicago piano?

The term Chicago piano has been used as a nickname for a number of weapons: Thompson submachine gun. 1.1-inch anti-aircraft gun. Multiple 2-pdr pom pom anti-aircraft gun.

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