Is Scott The Woz legally blind?

Is Scott The Woz legally blind?

Color blindness: Wozniak has mentioned throughout several videos that he’s colorblind, but he confirmed that he’s actually colorblind in an AMA on the Nintendo subreddit.

Is Scott The Woz related to Steve Wozniak?

Many speculate that they’re in the same family, however, the speculation is false. The speculation was confirmed false on July 13, 2018, when Scott Wozniak stated that he has no family members named Steve, which also proves that he doesn’t have any other unknown family members named Steve.

Is Scott The Woz God?

Latest appearance. God is the creator of the universe that appears in the Scott The Woz. He appears near the end of You’re Not an RPG Guy: A Scott The Woz Christmas and is played by Jason Gastrow, better known online as videogamedunkey.

Did Scott The Woz retire?

On May 4, 2022, Scott Wozniak posted a tweet to his Twitter account stating that he would no longer be uploading once a week.

Why is there a blue border on Scott The Woz videos?

When asked by Scott why the border only affected him before, it tells him it was because Scott was “a waste”, as he spent all his time complaining about stupid Nintendo games. It also reveals that it was responsible for Brett Favre attacking the group.

Is Scott The Woz airing on TV?

Scott The Woz was announced to have select episodes syndicated to air on an (at the time) unknown television network at Scott Wozniak’s TooManyGames 2021 panel on October 9, 2021. Reruns began airing on December 7, 2021 on the television network G4.

Is Scott The Woz on G4?

G4 (also known as G4TV) is an American television network owned by Comcast Spectacor that airs gaming related content, including Scott The Woz.

How old is Scott Wozniak?

25 years (June 2, 1997)Scott Wozniak / Age

Does Scott The Woz edit his videos?

In July 2018, Wozniak stated that he usually edits his videos’ audio on Friday and that he starts the actual video editing the next week on Saturday.

Who is the main antagonist of Scott The Woz?

The Blue Border
The Blue Border is the main antagonist in the Scott The Woz web series/television series.

Is Scott the Woz airing on TV?

Will kanwischer Scott The Woz?

William Kanwischer, better known as Will Kanwischer, is an actor and friend of Scott Wozniak. He’s portrayed many characters on the Scott The Woz YouTube channel, notably Chet Shaft and Net-Meister 4089.

Does Scott the Woz edit his videos?

Why is there a blue border on Scott the Woz videos?

What happened Chet shaft?

He later appears in The Great Mysteries of Gaming as the dinner party host, and later gets murdered by Steel Wool. He subsequently becomes The Ghost of Christmas Shaft following his death and advises Scott in It’s a Bargain Bin Christmas.

Who is the main antagonist of Scott the Woz?

Will kanwischer Scott the Woz?

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