Is Les Mills still alive?

Is Les Mills still alive?

Leslie Roy Mills CNZM MBE JP (born 1 November 1934) is a retired New Zealand track and field athlete and politician….Les Mills.

Personal best(s) Shot put – 19.80 m (1967) Discus – 61.52 m (1971)

How do I contact Les Mills?

MEDIA ENQUIRIES If you have a media query or request for interview/comment, please email our team of media advisors at

Who is the owner of Les Mills?

These are company founder and four-time Olympian Les Mills Snr, his wife Colleen, who also represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games and who died in 2005, aged 71; their son Phillip and his wife Dr Jackie Mills MD; along with their two children Diana and Les Mills Jnr.

Why is Les Mills so popular?

WHY ARE LES MILLS PROGRAMS SO POPULAR? The aim of these exercise programs is to improve the fitness of everyone on planet Earth. Les Mills fans are adamant that they do not feel coerced into exercising. Rather, they credit Les Mills routines with amplifying their passion for exercise.

Is it easy to cancel Les Mills?

You can cancel your subscription during the free trial period by signing into your account on our website, select “My Account”, “My Subscriptions”, select “view” your subscription and then select “Cancel”.

How much do Les Mills instructors get paid?

Similarly, the average Les Mills Instructor Salary in the USA sits at around $23.04 an hour, again a huge increase on the minimum wage bracket. With the correct amount of hours, which typically would correspond to your location, there is a great salary to be made.

Who is Les Mills wife?

How do I cancel my Les Mills membership?


  1. Navigate to the settings menu in the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Manage subscription’.
  2. Click ‘Cancel subscription. ‘
  3. This pop-up will appear. Choose an option and then select Continue.
  4. You will then see a short, optional survey. To finalize the cancelation, select Cancel Subscription.

How do I cancel Les Mills online?

How do I cancel my subscription?

  1. Click here to sign into your account.
  2. At the top right corner of the page, hover over your profile bubble then select ACCOUNT in the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Subscription Details section, select CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION.

Who is Diana Archer Mills?

Diana is a Program Director for BODYBALANCE™/BODYFLOW ®, CXWORX™, LES MILLS BARRE™ and LES MILLS TONE™. She is the Creative Director for BODYCOMBAT™, BODYJAM, BODYPUMP™ and RPM™. If you’re keen to experience a workout shaped by Diana you can find a class or workout On Demand.

Is Les Mills an MLM?

The saleable packages also provide opportunities for multilevel marketing (MLM) to Les Mills’ existing community, allowing them to expand their own offering with complementary services that are on trend right now.

How old is Diana Archer Mills?

It’s fair to say the fitness industry is in Diana Archer Mills’ blood. The 32-year-old granddaughter of gym tycoon and four-time Olympian Les Mills Snr was brought into the gym when she was just two days old and has since spent most of her life surrounded by dumbbells and treadmills.

Who is Jackie Mills?

Operating at the heart of the fitness empire, Jackie has shaped and nurtured the development of Les Mills’ programs from the beginning. Back in the 1970s, when for many women a career as a teacher, nurse or secretary was the typical way to go, Jackie had her eyes set on different sights.

Can I pause Les Mills membership?

Pausing your Les Mills membership Depending on the type of membership you have, you may have the option of Pausing your membership for a while. For instance, if you joined after 1 July 2020 on a standard membership that has a minimum term of 12 months or more, you can Pause for up to 5 weeks in a membership year.

How much does it cost to cancel Les Mills membership?

Cancellation fees Les Mills requires you pay 33% of the money due for the rest of your membership term. City Fitness charges $200, or the balance of fees for the remainder of your contract (if that’s less). Snap Fitness charges 25% and requires 30 days’ notice.

How do I cancel my Les Mills trial?

How much does it cost to be a Les Mills instructor?

The standard registration price is $299. We offer a discount if you register more than 30 days before training starts.

Who is Diana Mills husband?

Gandalf Archer Mills
Interestingly, her love of dance is how she met her husband, Gandalf Archer Mills, who is the program director for Les Mills dance program, BODYJAM ™. “My remarkable luck being born into this family means I get to fight for what I truly believe in the world.

  • September 30, 2022