Is COMSOL based on MATLAB?

Is COMSOL based on MATLAB?

COMSOL Multiphysics is integrated with MATLAB via the LiveLink for MATLAB, which lets you generate a MATLAB file version of a simulation built with COMSOL Multiphysics. You can modify the model MATLAB file, extend it with MATLAB code, and run it from MATLAB.

How do you define a function in COMSOL?

You can define a function with an analytic expression (such as x^2+4) as an Analytic function under the Definitions node, and then use it anywhere in COMSOL as a function. For example, if you called your function f, you can use f(x) anywhere, where x is the argument to your function.

How do I start MATLAB with COMSOL?

You can start a Comsol server manually (from the Comsol Start menu group or installation folder) and then, in Matlab, run the command “mphstart;” to connect to Comsol. You may find that the first time you start the server, it asks for a username and password.

How do I export data from MATLAB to COMSOL?

Send a report to the moderators 5a) just do a File “connect” to matlab from the COSOL GUI and export the “fem” structure to Matlab by a CNTRL-F. then you need to understand the “fem” structure (see mlinterface. pdf in the COMSOL doc) to extract the data in binay mode and you can continue your processing at will.

What is analytic function in Comsol?

Analytic Functions are used to specify material properties as functions of one or more arguments, or as independent variables, such as temperature or pressure. First, enter the mathematical expression that defines the function. Then, enter the arguments to the function and specify the value range for each argument.

How do I change equations in Comsol?

You should be able to edit the equation when clicking on the “Equation View” branch of the related physics node. As an alternative, you may input 0, 1 or a function in the value field of that variable which you want to simplify/modify.

How do I use variables in Comsol?

Right-click Global Definitions and choose Variables. Under Component right-click Definitions and choose Variables, or click Local Variables in the Definitions toolbar (Windows users). Use the Variables node to define expressions as user-defined variables.

How do you plot two graphs on Comsol?

In the model builder, right-click “Results”. Choose 1D Plot Group. Right-click the 1D Plot Group that you just created. Choose the points you want to plot the desired quantity at, and load them into the selection box.

What is interpolation function in COMSOL?

Interpolation Functions can be used to describe material properties that are defined by a table or file containing values of the function at discrete points. Either enter the data manually or import it from a data file. Then, specify the function behavior between data points and outside of your range of data.

How do I write expressions in Comsol?

Click the Insert Expression button ( ) at the bottom of the section or press Ctrl+Space to insert a predefined expression or variable into the selected cell in the Value column.

How do you write derivatives in Comsol?

how do I write derivative in the expression-windows e.g. I want to do a line integration of a derivative: (du/dx)^2. ux = du/dx, uy = du/dy, vx = dv/dx Now in V4 you have to take car of which “frame” you are using (physics dependent) as you have the material frame, the spatial and the mesh frame ….

  • September 5, 2022