Is Cobar a nice place to live?

Is Cobar a nice place to live?

I would recommend Cobar as a great place to live if you’re prepared to mix in with the locals and be a part of the community.

What is Cobar famous for?

Although Cobar is best known as a copper mining area, it has also been a significant goldfield. The first significant gold producing mine at Cobar was the Chesney Mine. The New Occidental Mine is regarded as having been the most productive gold mine in New South Wales.

Is Cobar near Dubbo?

The nearest sea is the Tasman Sea which is part of the South Pacific Ocean about 550km east-southeast of Cobar. The nearest more populous place is the city of Dubbo which is 270km away with a population of around 31,000 (show me a map with Cobar and Dubbo).

How did Cobar get its name?

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Cobar began as a copper-mining centre in the 19th century and remains principally a mining town. Its name possibly was derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “red earth” or, alternatively, may have been a corruption of the word copper.

What is the population of Cobar?

In the 2016 Census, there were 3,990 people in Cobar. Of these 51.0% were male and 49.0% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 11.8% of the population. The median age of people in Cobar was 35 years.

Is Cobar worth visiting?

Cobar is a city in New South Wales, Australia. It has many popular attractions, including Mount Grenfell Historic Site, Cobar Miners Heritage Park, Fort Bourke Hill Lookout, making it well worth a visit.

What Aboriginal land is Cobar on?

Murdi Paaki Region
The town of Cobar is in the centre of the Murdi Paaki Region in the Cobar Shire.

What do they mine in Cobar?

Extraction commenced at the site of the Great Cobar mine and the first load of ore was despatched via Louth in 1871. Since then many other deposits and prospects have been found. Mining has produced major amounts of copper, lead, zinc, silver and gold; plus minor quantities of by-products such as cadmium and antimony.

How many houses are in Cobar?


All private dwellings 2,085
Median weekly household income $1,650
Median monthly mortgage repayments $1,300
Median weekly rent $170
Average motor vehicles per dwelling 1.7

Is Cobar in the outback?

This beautiful stretch of Outback NSW is home to ancient Aboriginal rock art, fascinating museums, gorgeous wetlands and historic architecture. Learn about Cobar’s rich mining history and the sheep shearing heritage of Nyngan, and cool off with a drink at a classic outback pub.

Where do you stop between Cobar and Broken Hill?

While you’re still in Cobar, you might want to pack some food for the drive to Broken Hill because there aren’t many options along the way. If you need to stop, the best spot is Wilcannia, about halfway along the drive.

Is Cobar good place to invest?

Median sold prices over the last year is $196,500 for houses. If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in Cobar rent out for $280 PW with an annual rental yield of 8.1%. Based on five years of sales, Cobar has seen a compound growth rate of 29.3% for houses.

What river runs through Cobar?

The Darling River Run
Cobar | The Darling River Run | Visit our towns during your outback travels.

Is the road from Wilcannia to Cobar sealed?

It continues further east to Wilcannia where it crosses the Darling River, past Cobar to eventually end in Nyngan where it joins the Mitchell Highway. The area traversed by the Barrier Highway is remote and very sparsely settled. It was named in 1959 and fully sealed in October 1972.

Is the road from Griffith to Cobar sealed?

The road carries the State Route B87 shield for its entire route, with its northern terminus at Bourke and its southern terminus at a junction with the Newell Highway, situated 16 kilometres (10 mi) north of Jerilderie. The Kidman Way is fully sealed and is accessible by two or four-wheel drive.

Should you stop in Wilcannia?

It is not uncommon to hear, in White Cliffs, Cobar or Broken Hill, people declaring that they drove through Wilcannia and did not stop because it looked so dangerous. And it is very common to hear locals advising visitors not to stop in Wilcannia because it is a dangerous town.

Is Bourke to Cobar sealed?

The road is generally of excellent two-lane sealed quality – with a 110km/h speed limit between Bourke and Cobar and Cobar and Hillston.

Is Wilcannia safe for tourists?

What is Wilcannia known for?

Wilcannia was once a thriving river port on the edge of the Outback, transporting wheat and wool by paddle-steamer along the Darling in the 19th century. Today, its dusty streets are still lined with a remarkable collection of heritage buildings and there’s an emerging movement of local artists.

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