How much does a new Boston baby grand piano cost?

How much does a new Boston baby grand piano cost?

For example, if you want to move up to a higher quality Steinway-family piano, a new Boston baby grand, the 5’1” GP-156 New Performance Edition II can be bought for $22,600. A 5’3” Yamaha Model C1X costs $36,000-$39,000. A 5’11” Kawai Model GX-2BLK costs from $40,000 – $43,000.

Are Boston grand pianos good?

As they are built by Kawai, Boston pianos are of solid, good quality – there is no debate on that. Boston pianos are often presented by Steinway dealers as a choice for those seeking a Steinway piano but at a lower price point.

What is a Boston grand piano?

Boston grands are wider at the tail than most pianos of the same length — allowing a larger soundboard area and producing a richer sound. The larger soundboard area also permits better placement of the bass bridge — which yields more volume, greater tone, and a bass that sings.

How expensive are Boston pianos?

Boston Pianos for Sale | Buy a Boston Piano at PianoMart

Year Details Price
2005 Boston Grand Piano (GP-178) $14,950
2013 Boston Upright Piano with QRS PNOmation II Player $5,900
2001 Pristine Boston Baby Grand $10,000
2006 Boston Grand Piano – GP-163 – Steinway & Sons $9,500

Who made Boston piano?

Steinway created Boston Pianos so they could offer a piano at a lower price point than their pricier standard line and Boston pianos fall in the midpoint of pricing between a Steinway piano and their lower-priced Essex piano. Although manufactured by Kawai, Boston pianos employ many different design elements.

Do Boston pianos hold their value?

So, do pianos depreciate? Yes, pianos depreciate over time. The amount of depreciation depends on the brand of piano, the condition of the instrument, and the current piano market. Some pianos hold their value while others appreciate over time.

Are Boston pianos better than Yamaha?

Steinway has built a line of Boston pianos that has proven competitive in a market served by a range of piano brands, including Yamaha….Re-capping main differences between Boston and Yamaha.

Boston Yamaha
Even, well-rounded tone Bright, clear tone
Low tension scale design High tension scale design
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