How much do glycol chillers cost?

How much do glycol chillers cost?

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SKU Item Price
GD-20H-MS G&D Glycol Chiller | Commercial Modular 20 HP (158,744 BTU) $42,400.00
GD-27H-MS G&D Glycol Chiller | Commercial Modular 27 HP (190,164 BTU) $43,900.00
GD-30H-2C G&D Glycol Chiller | Commercial Vertical Air (268,000 BTU) $59,500.00

What type of glycol is used for chillers?

Ethylene glycol is typically used in industrial type applications. With glycol chillers we use propylene because it’s non toxic and it has inhibitors which helps prevent any microfilm build-up or rust in the piping system.

How cold does a glycol chiller get?

Water vs. To cite an example, 10% ethylene glycol will freeze at 25.9°F while a 60% glycol solution will freeze at -63°F.

Can you run glycol through PVC?

While using PVC piping with a high concentration of glycol is not recommended by PVC piping manufacturers, many brewers and other industrial manufacturers have successfully used PVC in their installations.

Can you use PVC for glycol?

Both ABS and Copper are good choices for brewery glycol piping. What should be avoided is PVC, even Sch. 80, although PVC is likely the most commonly used material in the industry primarily due to its low cost and ease of use.

How much does it cost to install glycol system?

Glycol chillers start at $1,000 and can cost as much as $5,000 depending on the length of the run of the lines (this is dictated by the distance from the walk-in to the tap handles). A longer run will require more and stronger pumps, which increases the cost of your cooling system.

What temperature should I set my glycol chiller?

28-30° F
Different applications call for different temperatures, but generally, most breweries set their glycol chiller temperatures at 28-30° F, while wineries typically set theirs at 30-35°F.

How long does glycol last in glycol chiller?

Every eighteen months, using a refractometer, test the mixture’s freezing point. Adjust or replace the mixture as necessary. Usually the range is 20-25% glycol however every manufacturer is different so check their recommendations before making any changes.

What type of pipe is used for glycol?

There are a variety of materials that can installed for you glycol piping system. GF Coolfit, Pre-Insulated PVC80, welded stainless steel, copper tubing etc. With the above, PVC80 and Coolfit tend to be the most prevalent.

Do I need chiller for RDWC?

Having a water chiller for DWC systems is particularly important because they tend to heat up faster than systems that circulate the nutrient solution. If you’re using a drain and flood system, you may need to chill both the water and air maintain healthy root zone temperatures and avoid shock.

Can PEX be used with glycol?

AquaPex tubing for hot or cold plumbing application, quick installed with push-fit fittings and crimp/clamp. Excellent choice for glycol line, labor saving with easy installation.

  • August 19, 2022