How many miles did Neil Peart ride in Ghost Rider?

How many miles did Neil Peart ride in Ghost Rider?

Roadshow details his 2004 concert tour and the motorcycle journeys intertwined with it, while the more introspective Ghost Rider chronicles a wandering, 55,000-mile trip around North America for 14 months looking for a “way back to life” after family tragedies.

What is the best Neil Peart book?

Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healin…2002Clockwork DestinyThe Masked Rider: Cycling in…1996Neil Peart ‑ Taking Center Sta…2011Clockwork Lives2015Far And Away: A Prize Ever…2011
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What was Neil Peart’s last book?

Clockwork Lives: The Graphic Novel (2018) In 2012, Peart and author Kevin J.

What motorcycle did Neil Peart ride?

BMW R 1100 GS
In a Motorcyclist column some years back, Peart said of the BMW R 1100 GS he rode afterward, “… It carried me out of the utter darkness left by double family losses, on a 55,000-mile ride to the farthest points of North America, from Alaska to Belize.

How many Ghost Rider comics are there?

Ghost Rider (comic book)

Ghost Rider
Format Ongoing series
Genre Superhero
Publication date (vol. 1) February-November 1967 (vol. 2) September 1973 – June 1983 (vol. 3) May 1990 – February 1998
No. of issues (vol. 1) 7 (vol. 2) 81 (vol. 3) 95 (vol. 4) 6 (vol. 5) 6 (vol. 6) 35

What was Neil Peart’s first book?

The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa
Peart’s first book, titled The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa, was written in 1996 about a month-long bicycling tour through Cameroon in November 1988.

Who is Neil Peart’s wife?

Carrie Nuttallm. 2000–2020Jacqueline Taylorm. 1975–1998
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Are Ghost Rider comic books valuable?

The highest price for a copy of Ghost Rider Vol #1 is $14,400 for a 9.8 rated copy, sold in January 2022. In 2020, that same issue was sold for just $3,705. A 6.5 book has a November 2021 value of $585, after decreasing its August 2021 price of $650.

How did Neil Peart pass away?

GlioblastomaNeil Peart / Cause of death
Peart died from glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, on January 7, 2020, in Santa Monica, California. He had been diagnosed three and a half years earlier, and the illness was a closely guarded secret in Peart’s inner circle until his death. His family made the announcement on January 10.

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