How many levels Cannon Fodder?

How many levels Cannon Fodder?

72 levels
The player proceeds through 24 missions divided into several levels each, making 72 levels in all. There are various settings including jungle, snow and desert, some with unique terrain features and vehicles such as igloos and snowmobiles.

How do you play cannon fodder?

Cannon Fodder game description The characters are controlled indirectly using the mouse, as you activate each soldier or group of them by highlighting them, click the left button to move them to a particular spot, and the right button for them to fire guns at an enemy.

Who owns cannon fodder?

A sequel, Cannon Fodder 2, was released in 1994 for Amiga and DOS….

Cannon Fodder
Genre(s) Shoot ’em up, real-time tactics
Developer(s) Sensible Software
Publisher(s) Virgin Interactive Codemasters

What is human fodder?

someone or something considered useful only for one particular purpose. We are not just voting fodder for professional politicians. Synonyms and related words. People and things that are treated badly. victim.

What is a synonym for fodder?

barley, corn, food, forage, grain, hay, grass, pasturage, provender, provisions, silage, straw, grub, meal, vittles.

Is infantry cannon fodder?

The term may also be used (somewhat pejoratively) to differentiate infantry from other forces (such as artillery troops, air force or the navy), or to distinguish expendable low-grade or inexperienced combatants from more militarily valuable veterans. The term derives from fodder, as food for livestock.

How do you use grenades in cannon fodder?

pnrutto: Ah, thanks. Sorry, it’s the right button to fire and both buttons to throw grenades or fire rockets. You can also seperate your team members by clicking on their names and then the symbol above.

What does fodder mean in Spanish?

[ˈfɒdəʳ ] pienso m ⧫ forraje m.

What does fodder mean in slang?

What is a cannon fodder character?

Cannon fodder is an informal, derogatory term for combatants who are regarded or treated by government or military command as expendable in the face of enemy fire.

What is gossip fodder?

n. 1 casual and idle chat. to have a gossip with a friend. 2 a conversation involving malicious chatter or rumours about other people. a gossip about the neighbours.

What is fodder in slang?

What is fodder in art?

Fodder is all the mementos that people save – ticket stubs, photographs, labels, postcards, stickers, wrappers, maps, photocopies, etc. etc. etc. Most of the time people throw it all in boxes to keep for some time when they stumble across the box and paw through the memories.

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