How many levels are there in bridge constructor?

How many levels are there in bridge constructor?

Play 40 different levels, and build bridges over deep valleys, canals, or rivers. Stress tests reveal whether the bridge you build can withstand the daily stress of continual use from cars and trucks.

How long is bridge constructor?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 23 13h 39m
Main + Extras 24 16h 21m
Completionists 47 21h 54m
All PlayStyles 94 18h 28m

Is Bridge Constructor Portal canon?

This article is non-canon. The subject matter of this article does not take place in the “real” Half-Life and Portal universe and is considered non-canon.

What is the game called where you build bridges?

Bridge Constructor
Developer(s) ClockStone
Publisher(s) Headup Games ClockStone (Bridge Constructor Android) Joindots (Playground Wii U)
Platform(s) Android iOS Linux macOS Microsoft Windows Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 PlayStation Vita Wii U Windows Phone Xbox One
First release Bridge Constructor 1 December 2011

What is Bridge Constructor game?

Bridge Constructor: The Walki…2020Bridge Constructor Stunts2015Bridge Constructor Medieval2014Bridge Constructor Playground2012Bridge Constructor2011
Bridge Constructor/Games

Is Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead good?

Of course, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead isn’t a perfect game and its most noticeable downside is its visuals which are filled with generic environments, goofy-looking character models, and the odd graphical glitch. Once you dig deeper, you’ll realise that the controls can be pretty clunky, too.

Is Poly Bridge 2 free?

Poly Bridge 2 is the most prominent building puzzle game you can find on Google Play in 2020. It costs $ 0.99, however you can download APK and OBB files for free via the links below.

Is Bridge Constructor Portal worth it?

Bridge Constructor Portal is a fun and engaging puzzle game that does a great job of appealing to players of all skill levels while offering a relatively hefty amount of content.

What do you do in Bridge Constructor portal?

Bridge Constructor Portal is an engineering simulation and puzzle video game set in the universe of the Portal series. Players are tasked with designing and constructing bridges to get one or more trucks from one location to another at Aperture Laboratories under the supervision of the artificial intelligence GLaDOS.

Is Poly Bridge 2 on mobile?

A mobile version of Poly Bridge 2 was released 26 October 2020 for Android, and 27 October 2020 for iOS.

Is Poly bridge for free?

Non-Commercial Use – Use of Poly Bridge content in videos must be for non-commercial use. This means you cannot charge users to view or access your Poly Bridge related videos.

How do you play the bridge constructor in walking dead?

Use movable level objects, explosives and baits to your advantage as you lure walkers into lethal traps and guide your survivors to safety. Enjoy the physics-based frenzy and ragdoll animations as walkers succumb to the forces of gravity. Make use of movable objects and explosives to lure walkers to their doom.

Is Poly Bridge realistic?

An easy to use interface, fantastic graphics and very realistic physics in action. Poly Bridge is available on PC via Steam, the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Is Bridge Constructor portal a two player game?

Bridge Constructor Portal is an engineering simulation and puzzle video game developed by ClockStone and published by Headup Games. The game is part of the Bridge Constructor series, and incorporates elements of Valve’s Portal series, taking place in Aperture Laboratories….

Bridge Constructor Portal
Mode(s) Single-player
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