How do you refuel ships in KSP?

How do you refuel ships in KSP?

Right-click on the Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank of your fuel tanker. If you’ve followed the tutorial, it should be full. Then, hold Alt (Option on a Mac) and right-click on the fuel tank of your target spacecraft that you want to refuel.

Is Minmus easier than the MUN?

To sum up: Mun is easier to navigate. Minmus is easier to design a rocket.

How much deltaV do you need to land on Minmus?

Minmus orbits Kerbin at a continuous altitude of 46,400,000 meters and takes approximately 920 m/s Δv to transfer to from low Kerbin orbit.

How do I get an encounter with Minmus?

Similar to the Mun guide, wait until Minmus is about 4-5 degrees over the horizon (20-40 degrees in the map) to begin your burn. It will appear as a small dot above the horizon. Burn until your apoapsis intersects Minmus’ orbit, and (hopefully) you will be caught.

How does refueling work KSP?

right click on the first tank and then alt+right click on the second tank. That will bring up readings for both tanks at the same time as well as giving you the option to transfer fuel in/out.

How much Delta V does it take to go to Mars?

Truth is, it just takes a parachute for the most part to land on Mars, and far more to take off, but the delta v will be only slightly greater than 4.1 to get in to Mars orbit.

How much delta-v does Falcon Heavy have?

9241 delta-v for 22.8t (Falcon 9) 11715 delta-v for 8.3t (Falcon 9)

How do you use grabbers in KSP?

Once armed, approach perpendicularly to the target surface at no more than a few m/s and the extended claw will automatically grab anything it collides with (or that collides with it), docking the target to the current vessel. To undock from the target, right-click the AGU and choose Release.

How do you get a comet in KSP?

Comets can be found and monitored via the tracking station. Like asteroids, comets are fully under control of the physics system. They can be rotated or accelerated by the application of torque or thrust, and moved into a different orbit or another body’s sphere of influence with correct maneuvering.

  • August 22, 2022