How do you get to Baros Maldives?

How do you get to Baros Maldives?

Baros is in the same atoll as the international airport so there’s no need to wait for a seaplane to ferry you there. While visitors bound for distant atolls have to queue for a transfer flight, you’ll be enjoying an enchanting 25-minute speedboat ride from the airport island direct to your villa.

How do you get to Baros island?

To reach Baros Island, the nearest well-known point of contact is, indeed, Male. A 25-minute speedboat ferry service runs from the Male International Airport of Male to the island on a periodic basis to ferry tourists to and from the island.

How far is Baros Maldives from airport?

Baros Maldives is a 25-minute speedboat ride from Male International Airport.

How many villas are in Baros Maldives?

Baros Villa Each of the 10 Baros Villas is surrounded by lush, tropical foliage and designed with contemporary style. These Maldives Luxury Villas are ideal for a couple happy to enjoy all the beauty and facilities that Baros Maldives offers.

How many rooms does Baros?

75 exquisite villas include extra touches such as wine chillers, yoga mats and dedicated villa hosts.

When did Baros Maldives open?

Welcome to Baros, a natural paradise with a lush island canopy, just 25 minutes by speedboat from the Maldives’ international airport. We’ve been welcoming guests since 1973, and have spent decades honing our services and cultivating our environment, crafting what we believe is a legendary resort.

Are children allowed at Baros Maldives?

The Baros Maldives is a boutique resort situated on a picturesque private island in the Indian Ocean. The resort does not accommodate children under the age of eight, but families with older children will enjoy snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, and some of the world’s most spectacular sunsets.

How many rooms does Baros Maldives have?

75 rooms
The resort only has 75 rooms, so it felt really intimate. But now, the pièce de résistance: the in-house diving reef and other major dive sites just 15 minutes from the resort. At many resorts you have to take an hour-long boat ride to get to dive sites, but the reefs at Baros and in the nearby vicinity were beautiful.

What is Baros delight?

BAROS DELIGHT (ALL-INCLUSIVE) The incredible feature of this programme is unlimited soft and alcoholic beverages in all bars and restaurants at Baros. For your relaxation, this Programme includes a discount of 15 per cent on massages at the Serenity spa as well as surprise extras.

  • August 25, 2022