How do I talk to a live person at the Kansas unemployment office?

How do I talk to a live person at the Kansas unemployment office?

Contact the Kansas Department of Labor

  1. Kansas City (913) 596-3500.
  2. Topeka (785) 575-1460.
  3. Wichita (316) 383-9947.
  4. Toll-Free (800) 292-6333.

How do I report an employer in Kansas?

Kansas Department of Labor’s Workers Compensation Division

  1. Kansas Department of Labor’s Workers Compensation Division. Contact at (785) 296-4000 or [email protected].
  2. Note: The links below are to other federal or state agencies.

How do I find my Kansas employer account number?

Kansas Withholding Account Number You can find your Withholding Account Number on any previous Form KW-5, or on any notices you have received from the Department of Revenue. If you’re unable to locate this, contact the agency at (785) 368-8222.

Who is in charge of Kansas unemployment?

The UI program is funded by federal and state taxes on employers that provides cash benefits to eligible workers. Employers are taxed by the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) and the State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA). The UI Trust Fund is made by Kansas employers and are governed by KSA 2019 Supp. 44-710a.

Where do I complain about unemployment in Kansas?

How do I submit a complaint against my employer to KDOL? If you believe you were aggrieved by a violation of 2021 Special Session H.B. 2001, please visit to start the complaint process.

Is Kansas still paying unemployment?

Will regular state unemployment benefits still be paid? Yes. KDOL will continue to pay regular unemployment insurance compensation for those claimants who qualify and are found eligible. Claimants are encouraged to continue to file weekly claims to ensure they receive all of the benefits for which they are eligible.

What constitutes wrongful termination in Kansas?

Those laws make it illegal to terminate or discriminate against an employee on the basis of race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, religion, disability, pregnancy, citizenship status, age, or genetic information.

What is the Kansas employer serial number?

The serial number is a six-digit number printed at the top of the report. Enter the date the change in your employer status occurred. Enter your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) issued to your business by the Internal Revenue Service.

How do I find my Kansas tax ID number?

1) Your Kansas State Identification Number is your sales tax license number with the prefix of either 004 or 005 as the first 3 digits, depending on the type of return that you need to file. (The prefix is based on whether you need to file Sales Tax or Retailer’s Compensating Use Tax.)

Does Kansas unemployment back pay?

Yes, you should file a claim each week as long as you remain unemployed. If your case is cleared for payment and you have met all eligibility requirements, you’ll get back payments for any weeks you claimed and were eligible to receive, in one lump sum.

Is Kansas doing the extra 300 unemployment?

Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) provideed a $300 per week benefit for any claimant that is eligible for an underlying unemployment compensation program. No application was necessary.

Can you fire someone in Kansas for no reason?

Kansas is an at-will employment state, which means that an employer can terminate an employee for any reason or for no reason at all.

How much does an employer pay for unemployment in Kansas?

The state UI tax rate for new employers also is subject to change from one year to the next. After many years holding stable at 4.0%, in recent years it has gone down to 2.7%. (Employers in the construction industry pay a higher rate.)

Do I need a Kansas tax ID?

If you are opening a business or other entity that will have employees, will operate as a Corporation or Partnership, is required to file any of these tax returns: employment, excise, or Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms or is a Trust, Estate or Non-profit organization you are required to obtain a Kansas Tax ID (EIN).

Is Kansas currently paying Pua?

Under the new American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP), PUA expired September 4, 2021.

Does Kansas still have Covid unemployment benefits?

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) This program expired on Sept. 4, 2021. Claimants could file an initial PUA claim for 30 days after the program ended.

Is Kansas going to extend unemployment?

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Insurance Compensation (PEUC) Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) is a federal extension of benefits for those who have exhausted UI. The ARP extension increased PEUC weekly benefits from 24 weeks to 53 weeks, through week ending Sept. 4, 2021.

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