How do I speak to someone at NIPSCO?

How do I speak to someone at NIPSCO?

Call us

  1. Customer Service: 1-800-4NIPSCO. (1-800-464-7726) Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CT.
  2. Gas Emergencies: 1-800-634-3524. 24/7.
  3. Electric Outages or Emergencies: 1-800-464-7726. 24/7.
  4. Relay: 1-800-635-0952.

How do I open a NIPSCO account?

It is as simple as visiting our website at to register your account. Once registered, there are many options available to help you manage your account. You will need account number, etc. to register. Was this helpful?

How can I pay my NIPSCO bill without account number?

Pay by phone Call 1-855-763-6277 to make a payment.

How do I find my NIPSCO account number?

If you don’t know your account number, you can search by the phone number associated with the account. There is already an online account associated with this email address. You can sign in to your account with this email or reset your password instead of creating a new online account.

Can my electric be shut off in the winter in Indiana?

Laws regarding utility disconnection vary from state to state, including consumer protections during the winter heating season. The State of Indiana has a winter disconnection moratorium for consumers who qualify.

How can I lower my NIPSCO bill?

You could save energy and lower your energy bills….Lighting

  1. Use the sun to your advantage with your draperies. Let the sun in on cool days and keep it out on warm days.
  2. Choose low-wattage bulbs for decorative and protective lighting and higher-wattage bulbs for things like reading and sewing.
  3. Keep light fixtures clean.

Does NIPSCO require a deposit?

The utility can require you to pay a deposit if: You have had your utilities shut off in the past two years, You have not been a utility customer for the past two years, You have made more than two late payments in the last 12 months (or have made one late payment if you have had service for less than 12 months), OR.

Can utilities be shut off right now in Indiana?

A utility can only disconnect service for nonpayment between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. local time, and only on a day that the utility office is open to the public.

Can you pay your bill by phone?

There is a $3.50 convenience fee to make a one-time payment using a credit or debit card….To pay your bill by phone, call 800-244-1111.

Automated phone system Customer service agent
Checking or savings account no fees $3.50 fee
Credit or debit card $3.50 fee $3.50 fee

When can utilities be shut off in Indiana?

How can I get help paying my bills in Indiana?

If you need help paying your utility bills, contact one of these organizations.

  1. Community Action Agencies in Indiana.
  2. Energy Assistance Program.
  3. Indiana Township Offices.
  4. Indiana Township Associations.
  5. Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.
  6. Water/Sewer, Indiana Water Companies.
  7. Indiana Electric Companies.

Why is my NIPSCO gas bill so high?

Why is my bill so high? Your gas and/or electric bill will fluctuate depending on the weather, season of year, change in lifestyle or addition of family members. To understand your usage and learn how to save on your energy bill: Sign into your account.

Can utilities be shut off in Indiana?

A utility can only disconnect service for nonpayment between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. local time, and only on a day that the utility office is open to the public. Service may not be disconnected for nonpayment after noon of the day before any day that the utility’s offices are closed to the public.

How can I get help with my utility bills in Indiana?

Can utilities be shut off during coronavirus 2021 Indiana?

Yes, but only on certain conditions. Under Indiana Code 8-1-2-121, electric and natural gas utilities in Indiana may not disconnect a customer between December 1 and March 15 IF the customer is: Receiving help from the federally funded Energy Assistance Program (EAP), or.

How do you pay over the phone?

What details do you need to make a payment over the phone?

  1. Your registered billing address.
  2. Your delivery address (this might be different to your billing address)
  3. The long number on the back of the bank card.
  4. The 4-digit expiry date.
  5. The CSV number (the 3-digit code on the back on the signature strip)

Can you pump gas without paying?

Most gas stations require you to prepay with cash so you can’t drive away without payment. Go inside the gas station and tell the clerk the pump number and the amount of money you want to put in your tank.

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