How do I decorate my home for CNY?

How do I decorate my home for CNY?

7 Chinese New Year Decorations That Bring Good Luck to Your Home

  1. Chinese Red Lanterns — Drive Off Bad Luck.
  2. Door Couplets — Best Wishes for the Coming Year.
  3. Paper Cuttings — Luck and Happiness.
  4. New Year Paintings — a Symbol of New Year’s Greetings.
  5. Upside-Down Fu Characters — Luck ‘Poured Out’

What decorations are used on Chinese New Year?

15 Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas 2019

  • Lanterns. Lanterns work perfectly for many Chinese holidays, but especially during Chinese New Year.
  • Fai Chun Banners. These long banners are typically red with calligraphic characters in black or gold.
  • Paper Cuttings.
  • Door Couplets.
  • Inverted Fu.
  • Kumquats.
  • Door Gods.
  • Paintings.

How do you make red packets with CNY decorations?


  1. Shape one red packet into a cone and staple it. Repeat this step for the rest of the red packets.
  2. Staple one cone to another cone by sides to form a flower petal using five cones.
  3. Staple the petals together.
  4. Staple the red or gold thread to create a hanger.
  5. Another DIY red packet decoration is born!

What is eaten on Chinese New Year?

Traditional Lunar New Year foods include longevity noodles, a whole steamed fish for abundance, sticky rice balls for togetherness, and more. Below you’ll find some of those lucky foods, along with other traditional dishes like dumplings and rice cakes.

What is the flower for Chinese New Year?

We can easily say that the most popular Chinese New Year’s flower is the orchid. The orchid is considered as one of the four pivotal flowers in Chinese culture, along with bamboo, plum blossom, and chrysanthemum. This delicate God’s creation symbolises fertility and purity.

What can you do with ang pow packets?

1. Recycle Your Ang Pow Packets. Contribute your ang pow packets to the CNY Ang Bag Recyling Bin at Takashimaya. The collected packets will be shipped overseas to be made into fresh paper rolls or sheets, or combined with other materials to be produced into new products.

What plant is good for Chinese New Year?

A must-have plant for Lunar New Year is the pilea, also known as the Chinese money plant. These plants have leaves that resemble coins and they symbolize prosperity, good luck, and fortune and they’re best given as a gift (it increases their luck).

What colors should you wear for Chinese New Year?

The Color of Chinese New Year Clothes One common practice with regards to clothes that can still be witnessed today to a somewhat large extent is the use of the color red. As is probably already very well-known, red is the top Chinese lucky color and represents strength and prosperity.

What Colours are lucky for Chinese New Year?

Red is the traditional colour of the Han — the dominant ethnic group in China — that signifies good fortune, luck, vitality, celebration and prosperity. Especially during the Chinese New Year, the country’s people adorn themselves in red apparel to boost luck and ward off evil spirits.

Do you have to be married to give Angpao?

Single people only give ang pao during weddings. And yes, its usually elders who dole out the red packets during Chinese New Year. Also, don’t ever let your children give ang pao.

Can unmarried give Ang Bao?

1. The Tradition. The tradition of ang bao giving is carried out by married individuals and elders as a symbol of well-wishing and good luck to juniors and unmarried singles.

Which fruit represents luck on Chinese New Year?

Oranges and Other Citrus Oranges, kumquats, tangerines and pomelos are common Chinese New Year gifts because they’re believed to bring good luck and happiness. The Chinese words for “orange” and “tangerine” closely resemble the words for “luck” and “wealth.” The gold color of these fruits also symbolizes prosperity.

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