Can you save Reggie in Infamous: Second Son?

Can you save Reggie in Infamous: Second Son?

Another similarity to Trish is that Reggie is killed near the end of the game by the main antagonist (Augustine/Kessler), which augments the protagonist’s grudge against them (Delsin/Cole). The only difference is that Cole can attempt to save Trish (Evil karma), while attempting to save Reggie cannot be done.

What happens if you redeem fetch in Infamous: Second Son?

At that point, Delsin can either choose to “redeem” Fetch, or “corrupt” her. If he chooses to redeem her by convincing her to use her powers to make the city better, Fetch’s story, attitude and the future missions she offers will all follow suit.

Do choices matter in Infamous: Second Son?

The choice won’t affect the way the story unfolds in a significant way, but it does set you on the related karmic path. Choose wisely and stick with your choice for the rest of the game.

How do you get Cole’s jacket in inFamous: Second Son?

In Infamous: Second Son, after you’ve completed the last mission of Cole’s Legacy, you’ll receive Cole’s original bike courier jacket. The design of the jacket is different compared to the first two games. First of all, the design of the jacket shows some tears in the front and the back of the jacket.

Does Hank betray delsin?

Hank betrayed Delsin to Augustine, who, in the ensuing struggle, killed Reggie with her Concrete powers, and Shane injected Abigail with a drug-filled needle, causing her to go into a hallucinogenic craze and accidentally killing Brent at the end of the hallucination.

Can you get origami powers in Infamous: Second Son?

Paper refers to the ability to control and manipulate every form of paper. The ability is first seen in Infamous: Second Son and is used by Celia Penderghast, the only known Conduit to have this ability….Paper.

Power Paper
User/s: Celia Penderghast
Attributed to: Paper manipulation
Appears in: Infamous: Second Son
  • October 14, 2022