Can you download Encarta encyclopedia for free?

Can you download Encarta encyclopedia for free?

Encarta encyclopedia was first released in 1993 and brought a world of interesting information on a myriad of topics. Unfortunately, Encarta was discontinued, and you can’t download Encarta Kids anymore. Encarta dictionary was available for free download for Windows 10 and it’s only available only on remote websites.

Is Encarta encyclopedia still available?

Citing the advent of free online reference sources, Microsoft discontinued Encarta, which then consisted of more than 60,000 articles, at the end of 2009. Only the free Encarta dictionary remained online.

Is Encarta an educational software?

A comprehensive electronic encyclopedia, Microsoft Encarta was first released in 1993. Microsoft Encarta contained a wealth of information on an abundance of topics. It proved to be a very useful study aid and learning aid for students, individuals and businesses.

What replaced Microsoft Encarta?

The best alternative is Wikipedia, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Microsoft Encarta are Kiwix, Encyclopædia Britannica, Aard Dictionary and WikiTaxi. Microsoft Encarta alternatives are mainly Encyclopedias but may also be Dictionaries.

What is Microsoft Student Encarta Premium 2009?

The Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2009 is a powerful homework package that includes a full set of easy-to-use resources to help students successfully complete assignments in a variety of subjects. Boost your confidence in the classroom with Microsoft Student.

What happened to Encarta?

Microsoft will discontinue both its MSN Encarta reference Web sites as well as its Encarta software, which have both been surpassed by rising competitors, like Wikipedia. In a message posted on the MSN Encarta Web site, Microsoft says, “Encarta has been a popular product around the world for many years.

Who invented Encarta?

Credit goes to Antonio Meucci, an impoverished Italian-American candlemaker who, as the Italian-language Encarta tells it, beat Bell to the punch by five years.

What is Microsoft Encarta Premium?

Encarta Premium gives you the all-new Web Companion, which automatically pulls up information from Encarta alongside your Internet search results. Whether you’re searching online or offline, Encarta Premium is the trusted way for everyone in the family to easily find just about anything on just about any subject.

What type of software is Encarta?


Encarta Premium 2008 on Windows Vista
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Encyclopedia
License Proprietary commercial software
Website Formerly at the Wayback Machine (archived October 31, 2009)
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