Are the Smiths a good band?

Are the Smiths a good band?

There has never been another band quite like The Smiths – the combination of those extraordinary lyrics with the scorching, unbelievable music that inspired such adoration. It’s a bit of magical musical history unlikely to be repeated. It certainly hasn’t been in the three decades since they split up.

What was the most popular song by the Smiths?

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable…There Is a Light That Never Goe…How Soon Is Now?This Charming ManThis Night Has Opened My EyesBack to the Old House
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Is the Smiths music depressing?

A study of the sentiment of more than 6,000 songs by the Trinity Mirror Data Unit has revealed that out of The Smiths’ back catalogue only 5.2 per cent of their songs were happy. This means they were more miserable than fellow Mancunians Joy Division and the famously-curmudgeonly Leonard Cohen.

Why are they called the Smiths?

Morrissey claimed that the band called themselves The Smiths because “it was the most ordinary name” that they could think of, adding: “I think it’s time the ordinary folk of the world showed their faces.” This came at a time when there were many pretentious names in pop, including Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

Is it OK to like The Smiths?

‘. So in answer to the question with which we began: yes, it is still possible to love the Smiths, but to despise Morrissey at the same time. After all, there is a light that never goes out.

Do the Smiths have any happy songs?

But as any dedicated Morrissey fan will tell you, his talents have never relied solely on the doom and gloom. As a matter of fact, the former Smiths frontman has proven that he’s perfectly capable of penning songs that brim with wit, positivity and, yes, even downright happiness.

Did the Smiths ever have a Number 1?

The Smiths had two UK Official Album Chart Number 1s, with 1985’s Meat Is Murder, which invented vegetarianism, and Best 1, a compilation released in 1992.

Do The Smiths have any happy songs?

Why is Morrissey depressing?

In previous interviews, Morrissey has revealed he was diagnosed with depression at a young age. He first took antidepressants when he was 17 and has had therapy intermittently since then. “For me, it never gets better,” he told King. “I’ve had it for many years.

What band was Morrissey in?

The Smiths1982 – 1987Slaughter & the DogsThe Nosebleeds1977 – 1978
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Are Johnny Marr and Morrissey still friends?

Former guitarist of The Smiths Johnny Marr has broken his silence on his recent public feud with ex-band member, Morrissey. In a recent interview, Marr discussed his brand new solo album and cleared up any speculation for the future of The Smiths.

Did The Smiths ever have a Number 1?

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