Why does Picard say Make it so?

Why does Picard say Make it so?

Solar sightings used to be taken to determine noon and when the officer taking the sight decided that the sun had reached it’s maximum elevation (i.e. solar noon) he would tell the captain that it was noon and the captain would declare “make it so”.

How many times does Picard say Make it so?

That’s when Captain Picard unleashes his ultimate rhetorical tool – three little words that Picard (and an evil Picard clone) uttered 77 times over the course of the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series: “Make it so.”

What is the song that Picard plays on the flute?

The Inner Light
The tune played by Picard in “The Inner Light” was an excerpt from “Scottish Fantasy”, originally composed by Max Bruch and re-composed by Jay Chattaway. The design of the Ressikan flute prop was based on various different makes of tin whistle.

What does Picard always say?

“Make It So”: As the Captain’s command to set things in motion, Picard used this time-honored catchphrase as far back as The Next Generation’s pilot episode, “Encounter At Farpoint—Part 1.”

What was Captain Kirk’s catch phrase?

Each Star Trek captain had a distinct identity, perhaps best illustrated by their choice of catchphrase to illustrate their personality. The OG Captain Kirk was known for his command, “Execute!” In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, he uses the decisive phrase twice.

What phrase did Captain Kirk say to engage?

In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Kirk says “execute” twice. The more famous version is when he says “Prepare to execute emergency landing plan…

What episode does Picard learn to play the flute?

Brought on board afterwards for analysis, the probe also contains Kamin’s flute; Picard, having mastered it during his 40 years as Kamin, finds he retained the musical skills he learned and can still play it….The Inner Light (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

“The Inner Light”
Production code 225
Original air date June 1, 1992
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What does the phrase Make it so mean?

make it so. The order of a commander to confirm the time, sunrise, noon, or sunset, reported to him by the officer of the watch.

What is a famous line from Star Trek?

“Space, the final frontier…” Even if you’re not a Trekkie, you’ve definitely heard a Star Trek quote or two.

What did Captain Pike say instead of engage?

“Make It So” It’s tempting to rank Picard’s “Make it so” ahead of “Engage,” but for some reason, the formality of it makes it closer to a “Manifest” or “Execute.” That said, it’s iconic for a reason.

Does Picard actually play the flute?

Like the original prop, the flute doesn’t actually play — but the display case features a subtle button on its right side, which when pressed, activates internal audio functionality to play the famous melody from the original episode (composed by Jay Chattaway) which Picard learned during his life as Kamin on the …

Does Patrick Stewart know how do you play the flute?

The only problem is that Sir Patrick Stewart cannot play the flute. So they have someone else’s hands pretend to play it while he makes silly facial expressions, and they dub in music later. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Can Jonathan Frakes really play the trombone?

Frakes would occasionally perform on the trombone during his tenure as Commander Riker, drawing on his college marching band experience. He was also a member of “The Sunspots”, a vocal backup group of Star Trek cast members that appeared on Brent Spiner’s 1991 album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.

What does it mean to make it?

to accomplish something
To make it is to accomplish something, or to become successful. Your college advisor might tell you that to make it in the physics department, you’ve got to be good at both science and math. An actor might try to make it in Hollywood, while a young dog lover may hope to make it in the world of dog shows.

What was Spock’s famous saying?

“Live long and prosper.”

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